Saturday, August 21, 2010

Eeep. First Video!!

Save me! I'm a video freak! lol. Here it is! #1 in what I hope to be more videos. While the picture quality is good, and the sound is decent, it seems a little out of synch to me. I may have to try a seperate mic or something. Any input?

Be gentle with me! lol.

HELP! I'm being invaded....

I am so tired of having 5 bottles of this and 4 bottles of that when it comes to spices in my kitchen/dining room/bedroom/linen closet and where ever else I can find to tuck them! There just comes a time when you need to refill the garlic shaker and you are digging through the 14 or 15 places you have spices tucked into that you say "ENOUGH!". lol.

So, I decided to do this I bought some 6x6 mylar bags, and a I have some jelly jars. What I am doing is (using a jelly jar as a measuring devise) is that I put one jelly jar full of the spice in the mylar bag, seal it up, and do this until I don't have a jelly jar full. I leave that partial amount in the jelly jar, label it and THAT goes on my shelf. The mylar bags will go in a tote in a closet. Each mylar bag is labeled on both sides as to what spice is in it. Before I put the tote away I will make a list of what is in the tote, and a copy will go in the tote and in my kitchen cabinet. That way, I'll know what I have in backstock and what I need to get more of. TADA! ORGANIZED!

Since I cook so much and have so many spices, I'll be needing to buy more jelly jars, other than that it seems to be working very well.