Sunday, October 3, 2010

Broken Car and Menfolk

Ok, so my car is broken. the ignition rack is completely fried. At least it's a cheap part. :) (about $25.00) The expensive part is that the entire steering wheel and such has to be removed to fix it. The part I think is comical is the menfolk in my life. Everyone of them I know loves me, and wouldn't want me to be harmed in anyway.... perhaps this scenario can be related to by practically every woman on the planet though.

Me: "the key thing is broken. I put the key in and instead of trying to start the car, it just spins freely and won't kick in the starter. I need to get a new one and until I do I can't start the car"

Them: first they get in the car and try to start it "Your ignition rack/switch is broken and you need to get a new one." Then they look at me to be sure I agree with their excellent assessment of the situation.

EVERY one of the men in my life has done this. ROFL. like they don't trust me that it's broken and spins freely. Hello... I think I can tell that it's not acting like it should and therefore needs replaced or fixed. lol. I'm pretty sure that they have the hope that one of them will touch the key and the car will magically shake itself and say "Sorry, was just foolin'!!" However, I'm also pretty sure that it it's not going to happen like that.

Needless to say, the car is home now (I was out and about when it happened!) and so I can now concentrate on getting the parts, and then see if I can wheedle someone to come and pull the steering wheel and putting them in for me. hehehe... Cookies maybe?

My knights in shining armor. I love every one of them.

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