Wednesday, November 24, 2010


lol. It was COLD last night. No new snow, however the snow that is already down is nice and crusty. For the most part this doesn't hinder the animals in the neighborhood. I looked outback this morning and saw where a rabbit had come through last night and broken through the crust as he hopped along.

We also have a resident covey of quail that seem to have made a little path along the edge of the house in the back yard. They were out in the front yard yesterday. I keep telling myself that I'm going to get pictures of them someday, I guess their tracks will have to do!

I wasn't sure these would turn quite as well as they did. The first picture was taken through a window and a screen! It's bunny tracks around an evergreen in the back yard. The second picture is more bunny tracks all over around the back yard and around the aspen tree. This third one is of the quail tracks taken right outside the sliding glass door out of our garage. Both of the last two pics were taken through the closed sliding door as a matter of fact.

It did get cold last night, I told the husband that if this keeps up we'll have to throw another dog on the bed!!!

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