Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Rice Price

Ack. Rice is getting expensive. Still relative cheap as far as food goes, but expensive as far as rice goes. I bought 50 lbs at Cash & Carry for $19.96. While that doesn't seem like much for 50 lbs of food, 50 lbs of rice USED to be less than $10.00. Is this a reflection on prices overall with the bad economy, or is it a reflection of the demand of rice as more people get an eye for prepareness/survivalism (or whatever they decide to call it that day)?

Either way, no matter what the answer, I now have another 8 mylar bags of rice happily portioned out and in my pantry. This will last me about 4 to 6 months with our regular food rotation.

If you use mylar bags for your food storage, be sure to seal as close to the edge as you can so you can reuse them. They are durable, and a bit on the expensive, however worth it, side of food preservation. Even more expensive than say... rice.

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