Monday, February 7, 2011

Hallow's Eve, Lisa Theriot

On Hallow's Eve, on moonlit night
On Samhaine, when the veil is thin
Between the worlds of dark and light
Dare you let a stranger in?

Most folk beside their hearth will stay
The night when frost first chills the sod
When spirits walk, as some will say
An evil night to be abroad

But I was sat beside the fire
With shadows dancing on the floor
And as I watched the flames leap higher
A knock came on my cottage door.

"Who's there?" I called with trembling voice
That did my fearful state betray
I was resolved that, given choice
Behind my oaken door I'd stay

"Don't be afraid, I mean no ill"
A voice like honey filled my ears
And just as if it bent my will
I drew the bolt despite my fears.

There stood a man with raven hair
As tall and straight as Gallow's Oak
His face held beauty and despair
And with the same soft voice he spoke

"I walk this night with weary tread
My hours but a precious few
Among the unremembered dead
To seek the love I never knew

I prayed that Fate would help me find
A loving heart that would not fear
And guide my steps to someone kind--
In all the world, it led me here."

"Don't be a fool!" my reason quailed
For some there are that call me wise
And yet my foolish heart prevailed
My wisdom lost in dark, sad eyes.

When blackest night gave way at last
The grey cock crowed, and then the red
"The day has come, my time is past
I must away!" my lover said.

"Oh no!" I cried, "It cannot be!
My heart should burst from such a pain
If day must part my love and me
For mercy, will you come again?"

"I know not if there be such power
To life again my soul to bind
But here I pledge that hopeful hour
This earth to walk, my love to find."

And as the dawn broke high above
The coal-black cock crowed on the green
Without a sound my phantom love
Was gone as if he'd never been.

I live now as I always have
I tend the sick with healer's art
But cannot find the balm or salve
To close the wound upon my heart.

Though I may no more see his face
And may be damned if I believe
No mortal man will e'er replace
My love that came on Hallow's Eve.

On Hallow's Eve, on moonlit night
On Samhaine, when the veil is thin
Between the worlds of dark and light
I wait to let a stranger in.

words and music by Lisa Theriot
© 1997 Raven Boy Music

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