Thursday, February 3, 2011

Just one more thing....

I come in from my nap, and hubby turns in his computer chair to look at me. He kind of gives me this "look" and to me it scares me... I don't know why, but it does. Maybe it's because the right side of his mouth is kind of fallen down looking, almost like a frown... but that's not right. his LEFT side is the one that usually falls a little... Both from the radical neck dissection he had when he fought cancer in 2001 and from the radiation itself. I ask him "What?" and he says nothing, just looks at me... then he opens his mouth and closes it... I panic just a little inside and again say "WHAT???" he puts up a finger and opens his mouth... rolls his eyes and closes his mouth again... I tell him... "well? Say something." I am starting to think he's pulling a prank, or trying to see if I'm paying attention. he then puts up another finger, sighs heavy and does that open/close mouth thing again... all the time rolling his eyes like it's ME who can't understand him. I am really starting to panic now, and I tell him to say his ABC's... and he can't. he can't say anything at all! damn it. I ask him to tellme his name... he can't do that either.

It all sounds like this takes a long time to work through, but it doesn't. it's just a few seconds really.

I ask him if he can say anything... anything at all... he replies "y, y, yes"... and it comes out clear finally, with no slurring.

Then, just as quickly as it comes... it's all gone and he can answer all the questions, his abc's, his name, where he lives and everything.

I suspect he's had a stroke, or a TIA... I asked him if I should call the dr..... he said no. Grrr... I want to slap him sometimes.

What if this was a stroke? his blood pressure is high after all, it was 134/116 when he was at the dr office week before last... and it was 150/102 when I took it the 1st. He takes clonadine, but i guess that doesn't mean much if he's now having "mini-strokes".

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