Friday, April 10, 2009

Egads! I suck!

Ok, so it's been WAY to long since I posted. So much has been going on that I haven't had a chance to update anything! Beat me with a noodle and call me antipasti... ok so that was a weird sentence but you get the drift. lol.

We have gotten snow, then sun, then rain, then snow as for weather. As a matter of fact, just two days ago we got between 7 and 7 1/2 inches of snow on the ground. It was so wet and heavy that it collapsed our poor garage! Yup, the green tent of storage is no more. It's currently propped up to keep any extra "wet" off our storage stuff, but as soon as I have a place to put what little storage we have with us, then it'll have to go the way of all 15 year old tent garages and head for the pearly gates of rest. :( I'll miss that tent! I got it the first year that hubby and I started going to SCA events. Oh well, we are on the ultimate SCA campout now! Whoot!

I have bunny cages now, and am on schedule to get bunnies either the end of this month or the end of next month. I am looking forward to that a lot. you can use rabbit meat in any recipe that calls for chicken.. and you get the bonus of fur for market.

We have good news though! While we love our little 200 SF cabin, it's just not feasible for us without a bit of work done in it. Hubby works on the kitchen table, and if I need/want to cook or do anything of my own that requires a table I have to move him... Which then leaves him with no workspace! As you can imagine it's quite the toss up.

To remedy this we now have a MOBILE HOME! It's approximately 980 SF, not taking in account for walls, and insulation and all that. It's 14 feet wide by about 70 feet long on the outside. There is 2 bedrooms, 1 and 1/2 bathrooms, a HUGE living room (it's about the same size as our cabin!) and a good size country kitchen. That has me a bit on the excited side. I am so happy to be getting this wonderful addition to our homestead. Of course this means I'll have the cabin for our power station stuff, and an additional bedroom for storage in the mobile. Now, I'll just have to come up with about $1,500.00 dollars or so to get our stuff up here from Eugene. (We do take donations!)

Since the ground is softening up, hubby has started cutting trees for us to use to build the garden beds. We'll use whatever wood he doesn't use for that for other things around the homesite or cut up so it can season for firewood for next year. I'll have a wood stove by then and not the propane stove. It's just too expensive.

After we get the rabbits going, then we'll do chickens, then bees, then goats. Whew... and build a greenhouse and tons of other stuff at the homesite. I am so excited, and so very, very tired just thinking about it. hehe.

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