Friday, April 17, 2009

Unemployment woes

Good morning campers! So much has happened here at the farm that it makes my head boggle!

I applied for unemployment, since I moved and quit my job to follow my hubby. I started receiving it, only to find out that someone at the unemployment office had entered the information incorrectly. They entered that I said I was layed off from work. Very incorrect of course, as there was and is still work to do at my place of employment. This of course kicked off an investigation into what the discrepency was. When they called my place of work, my ex-supervisor gave them a whole bunch of very incorrect information and so they have now denied my unemployment. So, we have lost any of that income, and I am sure that if they have their way I'll have to pay back the $820.00 they already paid me. I am of course appealing this decision and will see where this goes. I am also looking into the legality of some of the information that my ex-employer shared with the Unemployment office as if it were illegal or not to do so. To my knowledge you can only share if they worked at your place of employment (or still work there) and if they are asked back or why they left. Apparently what was shared was the entire saga of my life, even to the fact that we bought the property from Craig's list (Treehaven proper) which is of course incorrect, since we found the property on eBay. The investigator for unemployment I am sure found the inconsistencies between my employer and when she called me back (the investigator was VERY rude to begin with) extremely upsetting and I am postitive that because my information was different that she then thought I was lying to get money not owed me. What a pain in the rump this is.

I can understand where unemployment wants to deny as many people as they can. Unemployment in Oregon is over 13% officially, and is thought to be over 15% and perhaps over 16% in the county I live in!

We are also moving! Well, not from Treehaven of course. lol. We have stumbled onto the opportunity to put a mobile home on Treehaven property that will more than tripple our living space. It's a 1984 Model, single wide. 2 bedrooms, 1 1/2 baths and a very large living room, and kitchen. It's about 970 SF if you go with the outside dimensions (of course minus for walls, and insulation, cupboards, and fixtures) so it will give us a lot more room then our cozy 200 sf cabin. We'll use the cabin and reinvent it into the power shed. We'll move the generator, and such in here, that way it'll be out of the weather completely. We can open the windows here in the shed for airing and cooling the generator. Don't worry, there is enough room here in the cabin to keep the generator at least 3 feet from all walls. :D Don't want to overheat the generator and cause it to breakdown.

The best news is that hubby is progressing in his treatment for his myriad of difficulties! His Dr. had deemed that he will need about another year still, but that will be overcome I am sure with dilligent work. So the Mad Mountain Geek will continue to roam the mountain and heal, and then we'll see where he is in a year. We have applied for SSD and we'll see what happens with that. As you all know, everyone is denied the first time around, so we'll have to work with a lawyer of course after we receive the denial. It's a small inconvienence, but his Dr. is hopeful.

I've thrown out the invitation to a friend that she and her adult son and their 9 cats can move onto the property with us. She was evicted around the same time we moved to Treehaven. currently she hasn't taken us up on this opportunity, she just filed for Medicaid, and for some reason says she can't leave the county she's in. I thought Medicaid was a State program and you couldn't leave the STATE you filed in, and it didn't matter where in the state you moved after filed? I couldn't see anything about leaving the county after you file. I was curious, as it's something we may have to file for so hubby will have some health coverage.

April 10th, the company hubby works for informed us that they were cancelling his insurance coverage. What a pain in the rump that is. This means that if we keep his insurance that we will have to pay for it via cobra. I mean, come on! How do you expect someone to get better if they can't afford to continue going to the Dr, Chiropractor, Therapist, Neurosugion, Chemotherapy or whatever because you cut off their benefits? Hubby is still an employee there, so it's not like he LEFT his job, or they FIRED him. Maybe OHP or something will work for him. Me? I'm Native American so I can get in to the local NA clinic to be seen for just about anything. And my own Tribe, Eastern Shawnee Tribe of Oklahoma, does have a reimbursal program for most medical with a limit of up to $1,200.00 paid. I know that's not a lot, but if I can get into the clinic it should cover almost everything.

Ok, that's it, I gotta jog as we have to go paint today!

love and hugs
Exhausted Mistress Treehaven

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