Tuesday, October 6, 2009

what a day!

ok, so today has been just one long "UGH". lol. First, I get up greeted to the fact that we are basically trapped in our house. They are doing construction on the road in front of the house and this is the 4th day of it. Friday, Saturday, Monday and today have all been pilot car traffic out front. Friday and Saturday you couldn't get our of our driveway.

Then, Hubby took the dogs out this morning, and Newbie and Freya flushed some quail out from under the pine tree out front. Newbs jumped the fence chasing one, and then, as hubby went after him to bring him back, he ran to the road! ACK! Anyway, he ended up just running around the outside of the fence on the sidewalk and then jumped back INTO the yard on the other side of the yard. Dork. As I waved my hand at him and told him to go back inside, I hit the outside of my left hand on the wall. The point of the cinderblock wall that is. I thought at first I had broken the knuckle. But it's not broken (THANK GOD and all the other higher powers that be!) It is very badly bruised though. I ran back in and immediately put it under some cold water to help with swelling and downed some tylenol. It's still very sore, and turning a pretty color of black.

I did manage to still get 5 cans of peaches chopped up and in the dehydrator, as well as canned a jar of peach juice. As soon as I get some more pint jars I'll turn that juice into jelly. It's a very good barter item as well as good eats. lol.

And just now, the icing on the cake. I had our first delivery of heating oil... 50 gallons was all we could afford right now.. 50 gallons @ 2.70 a gallon comes to $135.00... And next month I get to repeat. lol. That hurts. But at least we'll have it if it's needed now. Since we got snow this last weekend it's a good thing to have the oil. It could snow in earnest now and we're covered for a month or so.

Next month I am hoping for 100 gallons, but it all depends on finances. Heh... If Hubby doesn't get renewed for his long term disability, we won't need it, as we'll be moving somewhere warmer with just what will fit in the car as we'll ahve no income. But that's just my depression and anxiety talking I am sure. lol.

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