Thursday, September 10, 2009

Curiousier and Curiouser..

ok, I am on A LOT of yahoo groups mailing lists. I read about subjects about everything from my favorite author, to food storage, to survivalism, to dogs, to polygamy, to LDS, to Pagan, to prophesy... Why is it that there is always someone who assumes things? I got this message today from "MIDSBOY247" this morning on my yahoo messenger. Looking at his yahoo profile, it's blank. This tells me that he's either very new, a spammer, or a troll. I thought he had a legitimate question.. "hi there....i saw you on the christian polygamy group on yahoo thats why i have chosen to ask you this question because you are obviously open minded. the question that i want to ask is this. have you ever thought about the idea of breastfeeding a partner? i know it is a strange question but i thought i would ask."

Now, I am not above being a ding dong.. but at first I thought this was a legitimate question and that he wanted to know if this is a sound idea or just kink. lol. I told him to each their own. There is historical evidence of a young woman who kept her imprisoned father alive by breastfeeding him. It was the only way that she could keep him from starving...

But when, just a few lines later, he wanted to know if I found it erogenous... I KNEW by then he wanted to know if I would to cyber with him... So I kind of cut loose a little bit...

"I am not on polygamous for cybersex or to "hook up". Why is it that so many men think that because a woman doesn't mind sharing her life, her husband, her family with another woman that means that she will talk about sex with just any man? Or that she sleeps around? Is there something about a woman, who has sex with only her husband, that turns a man on? that she's loving and monogamous with her husband somehow makes her more attractive? It's not like it's an orgy. lol. husband only sleeps with one woman at a time, and sister-wives do not sleep together.... There is no "kink" like breastfeeding your husband, or spanking, or woman on woman oral... It's plain ol' sex. the kind that any man would have with any one woman. lol. This does not mean that the man in the house sleeps with any woman off the street... and it doesn't mean that any of the sister wives will drop their drawers for any man who they pass on the street, or meet on a yahoo group. IF you are interested in being breastfed, just ask your wife. She will either tell you yes, or no."

the reply I got from midsboy247? "ok" and now all is silent on his end. lol.

By the way, midsboy247 says he's a man, and that he's 32 years old. Come on!

Like most of the nation I got interested in polygamy after I started watching "Big Love" (a series I love, and can't wait for season 3 to come on DVD so I can get it from Netflix!). Being that my fathers side of the family was all LDS, and I am a decendant of Wilford Woodruff who signed the 1880 pact that ended polygamy it's kind of something I wanted to learn more about.

Over the years I have met a lot of polygamous families now... And I have to say, that the families I have personally met are all well adjusted, productive, positive families.

I get behind that a lot. There are sooo many broken homes, divorces, children being handed around from family to family... And it's kind of a natural thing anyway. There is always someone home for the kids, there is more income if more than just the husband is working, and it's just a huge family. I can't really see the downside to it. It's Biblical, (Abraham, David, Isaac, Moses, Solomon, and more all had more than one wife.) Many hands make light work, and it makes sure there is always someone there to share your ups and downs of life!

But, there is so many negative connotations behind the idea of a man having more than one wife. Pictures of orgies, and girl/girl interaction pop into every undisciplined mind. I guess it's just human nature to think of Kink before they think of love and family. lol.


Anonymous said...

Hah. What I think of is two things. "Yay! Help with the housework!" And then, "It must be like having sisters. Considering how my sister and I used to get along as kids ... I think i'd better think this out again."

lishy loo said...

Thanks for posting this! I had this person talking to me today, and "he" was asking about the same questions. I put him into a corner though, just like you did! I also reported him to Yahoo! :)

Acorn Seasons said...

Good! he needs reported every time he approaches someone. Since it's been more than a year sine he talked to me, I guess he hasn't received a satisfactory answer to his questions. lol.