Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Heating Oil

Whew.. I called around today and found the company that provides the heating oil to the new house... I gotta tell ya... It's not cheap! $2.58 a gallon, and our tank is a 240 gallon tank. According to their records this house goes through 60 - 70 gallons a month. So I am thinking I'll start with 100 gallons in our tank and see how long that lasts.. But even that is $258.00! Of course with that kind of cost it'll be waiting until the first part of October, hopefully wen't won't need it before then. lol. If we do, then we'll be in a whole world of hurt. :(

This weekend is supposed to be pretty cold too. 50's for the day and 30's at night. We'll crank up the electric heater if needed for that. Although, what we have is one heater and it's in the bedroom. :) I'll get a few more milkhouse or radiant heaters for the back two bedrooms we aren't using. That will keep them above freezing at least. Have to be careful, the water pipes run through the ceiling here and I don't want them freezing at all!


Mountainrose said...

Althought your oil is $2.58 a gallon, that's a good price. My daughter had to pay over $3.60 a gallon for her tank. And she'll need more by the end of December. Chin up. I would rather pay for some oil than be cold.

Acorn Seasons said...

Ouch! that is a horrible price! Beleive me!

Yes, I am going to pay for the oil, it just has to wait in the budget is all. hehe. I have a radiant heater, it's one of those oil filled heaters that just radiates the heat... It does pretty well, I'm just worried about the pipes in the ceiling. We have 2 rooms in the house that are closed off because we don't use them. So i'll still end up getting heaters for those rooms anyway.

I've never had oil heat before. Wood, electric and propane. so this whole oil thing is new to me. my friends have a 1,000 gallon tank they fill twice a year so I knew it wasn't going to be cheap.. I was thinking more along the $2.00 range or $1.75 range is all. lol.