Thursday, October 16, 2008

Ah.. Family...

hehe... Talked for a while with my BELOVED mother in law and sister in law last night. It was a wonderful visit full of talk about the new land, and the house we are putting on it. Our plans, our future and what problems we could run into.

Mom and sis decided to ask what hubby and I wanted as a house warming gift and what critters we were going to get. I let them know that I was thinking of chickens and a few goats for dairy. So come this spring, they have decided to get me a goat! YAY! I love the idea. I even went and found the breed of goat I like.

Nigerian dwarf goat. Small, eats less than a regular size goat, and gives about 2 quarts of milk a day. Perfect for just us. Since it's just hubby, 3 dogs and me, we don't need a huge cow for milk. And since this little goat gives more butter fat than other breeds then I can make cheese with her milk... maybe butter too, but nothing promised there. Anyone who keeps goats knows that butter from goat milk is a difficult prospect because the fat molecules are smaller in goats milk. But... That won't keep me from trying!

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