Sunday, October 5, 2008

My World... Whine time

They say that when it rains it pours... And it's pouring for us.

Back in July we entered into a verbal agreement with our landlady to do a rent to own on our house. She said to treat the property as ours and that this agreement would be through July of 2009. At which time, if our credit was clean enough we would be buying the house with an extra $500.00 a month we pay from july 2008 to july 2009 to be part of our down payment or go towards principle if we didn't need a down payment (Hubby is a vetran so very likely wouldn't need a down payment if we could end up qualifying.)... We asked her in August about getting this in writting and she responded by saying that oh, she is sorry that she hasn't gotten us the paperwork, as she was getting married... But she would get this to us soon...

Things were going well and we were doing a lot of work on the house and property, put in a garden, and purchased supplies to work on the gutters, got a replacement for the dishwasher and a lot of other stuff going on.

Friday we received a registered announcement that she has decided that she is not going to abide by her verbal agreement, and that we have 30 days to move out. She has an interested buyer with capital in hand... (yet she states that we have to make the house available for her son, working as her agent, to show it to prospective buyers? I don't get that.) (AND we're keeping the dishwasher we got to replace the broken one! She can get her own! lol.)

So instead of putting away money to move, we were using it to try to clean up our credit, and do things around the house! We have no money to move with and needless to say, I'm heartbroken. Totally fractured mess. Let's just say that in both the Bible and in Wicca that Oathbreakers are delt with pretty harshly and I am totally ok with that. The karma or the judging hand of God will catch up.

It's going to take us a minimum of $3,000.00 to move. Most places want first, last, and a deposit.. not to mention that with my 3 dogs they will want pet deposit. And we don't have it. We can pay monthly rent no problem... Just can't make this first part.

We checked with a lawyer, and even if we had the voicemail where she made the verbal contract it wouldn't hold up in court. I am so mad, sad, depressed. Things were looking good, now this. My world has come crashing down.

lol. What's so funny, is we have food storage, we have clothes and toilet paper, shoes and seeds... but no cash or the ability to get credit due to stupid decisions in the past, Chuck's cancer, and continued health issues.. So much for being prepared huh?

Maybe I can start a raffle, lol. $10.00 a ticket and I'll crochet you bandages for your home storage, 72 hour kit or whatever for as many as you want. Or whatever. $10.00 raffle (minimum $4,000.00 bought) and I'll tattoo your name on my arm. ROFL.

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