Monday, October 27, 2008

You have HOW much food?

Well, packing is going slower than I wanted, but it's getting done. It's odd, when you store food, you can make lists of it, and use computer programs to track it, and have a great rotation system down... but until it's all packed together you really don't know exactly HOW much you have. Here are some pics of ours. Keep in mind, that we still have 1/2 the kitchen to pack so it's not complete yet. And before any frustrated postal workers freak out about the priority mail boxes we used, they're recycled! lol. And I'll probably recycle them one more time or more after we empty the spices from them.

This is the front of the pile.

The Nestle Quik is for improving the taste of powdered milk. The 2 five gallon containers of water is just a small amount of what we have ready to go with us.
The side of the pile:

With more water tucked in there. Yes, that's an Emergency Essentials box you see, AND a propane camp stove.

Here's the other side...

Currently that one gallon water bottle is empty, but it will be filled before we leave. We have both a 2 gallon Britta and a 3 gallon Berkey purifier that are going with us to the new property.

And finally the back of the pile.

I wonder how we are going to get this all to fit, along with a woodstove, some books, a king size bed, a small, college size fridge, a woodstove, 2 miniature dressers, us and three big dogs all into a 200 SF cabin... Any suggestions? lol. We are already planning on adding a loft. Down the road we will be adding a root cellar where some of this can go, and probably a metal shed for storage.

Need to get that shed as soon as we can, we are pumping $120.00 into a storage unit right now and it's insane to keep paying for that. I want to get rid of that expense hopefully before we have to pay another month on it. It's paid right now through February 2009. Not only is it an unneeded expense if we can get the room up at the property, but it's over 4 hours away from the new homesite making it impractical to run and get this or that from it. Especially with the price of gas being so high and the possiblity of the economy going into the toilet.

God will provide though.

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