Monday, October 20, 2008

Car Rental Companies Suck

So, we went to pick up the rental car and we got hit with a $200.00 hold on our debit card. Since nothing was stated on their website about this hold, which is OVER AND ABOVE what they charge to rent the car to you, I told them to stuff it and walked out. lol.

We drove our own truck down instead. Which is ok, except for the gas milage part. It was a lovely drive, even if it was VERY, VERY long.

The property is beautiful. You can see the pics we took of it here:

So, now we just have to have it all fall into place. These last minute plans things kill me! I mean... My sister thinks that I have to have my own funeral planned down to the minute, so she's still ready to lock me away for good. Here I am running off to go live like... Well. Like a wild indian!

I can hear my beloved Aunt Joyce giggling with glee now. Cheering me on as I go. Maybe her and Uncle Jeff and one or both of the cousins will come with a tent this next summer. lol.

GOOOD hunting on the property Uncle. Deer, Elk... DINNER!

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elphaba-rising said...

Emily, I'm Janet. I'm on the 4on4 recipe group with you. My dear you fascinate me! I fully encourage/support what I'm reading you're doing on the list. I haven't finished reading your blog posts here, but I intend to.

Don't ever let the scared people get you down. You guys take care!