Thursday, October 23, 2008

Contractual and otherwise

We received the contract on the land on Tuesday. It was soooo exciting! All these pages and pages of info!

Yesterday, Wednesday, we signed both copies and dated them, one will go into our records, and the other we mailed back via priority mail/delivery confirmation. WHEEE!

Now we just have to finish packing and then we can go. Well, I am still working until the 28th, and we are planning on heading up there the 1st, which is a Saturday.

It's kind of scarey because I'll be without internet for a little bit while we try to get satellite internet! OH NO! Two computer nerds with no internet... What was I thinking?!?

Whew. Anyway.. So we're going to try to get hughesnet up there to come and do a site lookie loo to see if they can work for us. It'll be about the same cost as what we are paying for internet now, but it'll be totally self contained. Has to be, we won't have any connection to public power, we'll be running off of generator only.

As I said... WHEEEEE

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Quawana said...

So exciting, yet so overwhelming!
I really hope it all goes as smoothly as possible for you!