Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I just looked back over some of the old blogs and figured I might want
to update folks on some things.

Sadly, the updates are mostly no news.

The cabin is still sitting at a slant and I think it's going to stay
that way until things start to warm up and the ground thaws. I don't
think I could dig right now even if I used a jack hammer.

I never did track our power use, I started a log but I made it so
complex I didn't use it. I need to track our use so I can plan for the
future, a new simplified log is in the works. I replaced a lamp that I
thought had problems. Our 26watt CFL bulb was drawing 100-200 watts so I
suspected an electrical problem in the lamp. We got a new lamp and a new
florescent bulb rated at 27 watts (not a CFL) and the new one still
draws about 100 watts. This has to be some kind of issue with florescent
bulbs running off of an inverter. I need to do more checking.

I did finely brake out the chainsaw and drop a tree. It was a dead tree
I was afraid could fall and hurt someone. I also cut some wooden blocks
from another log to make a stand for putting the generator on when I
change its oil. I'm trying to find ways to make things I need instead of
buying them.

That oven we got so we could bake bread and other stuff; It's still
sitting outside waiting for a place to be prepared for it in the cabin
because I still haven't got all our insulation up. There are 3 sections
on the north wall to the left of the door, 3 sections on the east wall
and 4 sections on the south wall all still need insulation. All of these
locations have stuff in front of them, tables, dressers, supplies etc..
We need a few more nice days when we can stay home. If we get them, we
can put some stuff outside just so we can get at the locations we need
to work on.

I still need to come up with a way to get water that doesn't involve
digging a 400+ foot well. I'm looking at fog traps, it's something used
in the high mountains of South America. The dew/fog is collected on
strips of plastic about 6-8” long. Lot's of the strips are strung
together and hung over a collection pipe. I just hope we end up with
enough watter in the air for this to work.

So yeah, still lots of backlog on the to-do list. Anyone got some
round-to-its they can spare?

Over busy Geek of Treehaven.

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