Saturday, February 7, 2009

Lazy, hazy Days of Winter 2009

What can I say? A lazy, lazy day. We only left the house yesterday to go and check the mail, and pick up some lunch. We both have the crud. Again. BLAH!

hopefully it will be very quick and quite shakable. But because we were feeling so bad, I didn't feel like cooking dinner, so we went and grabbed a quick bite at the local resteraunt.

Newbs stayed in the truck while we were in eatting and he was very good. just went to sleep in the drivers seat. As soon as we went back out to get in the truck he jumped to the back with no prompting. What a smart pup to know to do that and we have only had him for a week. Tomorrow he'll be 12 weeks. and he has ridden in the truck just about every day we have had him. :D

the rest of the pack is settling in quite nicely to the idea that there is a puppy in the group now. Thor even has played with him by wagging his tail for Newbs to chase. Pan is the most stand offish, but he was always the old fart with an attitude, even when he was only a year old. lol.

Well, we were approved for our short term disability through 2-1-09. But it's now 2-7-09... So we may end up missing a check or we may not. I was going to ask hubby to call yesterday and find out where we are, but I forgot to have him do it. DOH! They won't talk to me about this.

Between you and me, I don't like the idea of him going back to work in a big city. It's just too hard him. But, we'll have to see how it all falls out. It's crazy. We are trying to build up some kind of work we can do to bring in money out here in the wilderness, but there's not much. how many computer geeks does it take to work in the wilderness? lol. Last I saw, trees didn't grow with Network Jacks in them.

Me? I'm a clerical person by trade, I type, file, and radar it through with the best of them. And I'km a social butterfly. ROFL. At least that has put me in good company out here. But, it is also not a job that is in much demand in the wilds of Oregon.

Well, something will work out. I am sure of that... What? I don't know, but something will.

Pensive Treehaven mommy

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