Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Newbie Noob of the Newest Newbs

Noobs... I used to play everquest a lot, then I played Everquest II a lot... And anyone who plays the game knows what a NEWB is.

When you first start playing you are in that class of NEWBIE. Someone who is new to the game and has to learn the ropes. Newb or Newbie is what they call you when they are being nice... Noob is what they call you when they are being not so nice. It's not the pronounciation that's key... It's the spelling. Noob, rhymes with BOOB. And while Newb does too... It's spelled different at least.

Well, into every life a newb must fall. Anubis came into our life on 02/01/09. An 11 week old bundle of energy and fur. His mother is 1/2 chow and 1/2 australian shepard. Dad is supposed to be a lab. He's all black, with floopy ears (like a chow) and bright brown eyes. Needle sharp puppy teeth are ready to lab test everything. So far he's SMART, he's had one accident in the house, and I think he was pretty happy to sleep with us last night. While we have had him now for over 30 hours, we still have to hear him bark. Although, he's whined a number of times, especially when he isn't getting anything his way. We put his first collar on him, and when you grab it he screams like your skinning him. Restraint isn't in his vocabulary yet. lol.

I have to admit that the size of his feet astound me. When we picked him up I knew that they were larger than his sister's feet. Freya is pretty petite though, so I wasn't surprised. What did surprise me though, was that once we got him home I traced all the kids' feet on a piece of paper. And his feet are just as big as Thor's! And Thor is 12 years old and 120 lbs! Holy Moly! What did we get ourselves into this time? LOL.

And how is Anubis and "newb" fit together? Well, Anubis is quite the mouthful, and seeing as he's the newest addition to the family... We call him "newbs"... Rhymes with... Well, you know what I'm saying.

Frazzled Doggy Mommy of Treehaven

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