Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Thor and Newbs go on an outting

OK, so I am going to brag about Newbs this morning. He's 11 weeks old, he's been with us since Sunday afternoon (at 3pm) and now it's Wednesday at 7:53am, and he's only had one accident in the house! Whoot! ONE ACCIDENT in three days. Other than that he's gone to the door to let us know he has to go. I think it's lovely.

On the other hand he thinks everyone is a chewtoy and is undaunted by all non-chewing tactics. Grabbing his tongue doesn't work nor does pinching his noes real quick. I'll have to think a bit to get ahead of this little one in that department.

Yesterday he and Thor went with us so hubby could work on a computer and then to the library, then over to a friends house for a little bit where he got to play with the friends dogs.

That was a funny trip. When we went to leave, we took Newbs out with us (don't want to leave a chewie puppy in the house while we're gone!) Thor ran out the door. When a dog that weighs 120 lbs lays down because he doesn't want to be moved, there's not much you can do. So we left him out while we loaded Newbs into the truck. Thor started trying to get into the truck. So I looked at hubby and told him to load Thor up and we'd take him too. lol. So We took Newbs and Thor both with us. They both had a great day and when we got home, they both slept very soundly. lol. Thor got out at all three places we stopped and so did Newbs, so they got to smell new smells, meat new people and new dogs.

Then we came home, Freya and Pan told us what kind of jerks we are for taking the others and not them, and life went on. Dinner last night was mac and cheese (macaroni noodles with velveeta cheese) and a huge can of chicken. It was pretty good and pretty filling. Wish I had a fridge, I would have put some cream cheese in it too.

Then we sat around and watched a movie and read. What a long and busy day! We saw "the illusionist" a GOOD movie. I'll have to be sure that the sister in law knows she should see it.

not sure what today will bring other than we need to go get some gas for the generator and some propane for heat. There are things we need to be doing,b ut that we still have been putting off. But we'll get them done this week. lol. Pretty busy and exciting stuff that is for sure!

Ok, off to make some breakfast and get going for the day.

Busy mom!

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