Monday, February 9, 2009


Ah... The trip to the big city. It's just as terrible as usual today. Madly dashing about to get everything we need done done. It may snow tonight and if it snows as bad as they say it is supposed to, then we may not make it into town tomorrow for hubby's therapy appointment. So, he is calling today to reschedule it for next week, hopefully there will be less snow then. It did snow last night at the cabin, but it wasn't all that bad.

I got some great deals on some new socks. Nice, soft, fluffy socks. Regular price of $5.00, marked down to $3.97, then 50% off that! I was pretty estatic over that. I know, I know... I'm easy to please. lol.

We are going today to get Newbs first set of shots from the feed store. That will be a lot off my mind once we get them and get him set up. Parvo is really a problem around here for puppies and the last thing I want to do is loose him to something that is so preventable.

I know this is short, but I am sitting at the library and just wanted to write this. It's iffy if I'll get it posted, as the connection here for wireless is very unreliable, and I keep loosing signal! I'll have to go back to the other town where the signal is better sometime. I have more pictures to upload!

Mistress Treehaven - off to do sock puppets with her new socks.

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