Thursday, February 12, 2009

Fry Bread morning

Blah. by the time we made it to the feed store the other day, they were closed! Darn it! that made me more than just a little irritable. Now I'll have to wait until we go in next week to get the puppy vaccinations. I guess I could call UPCO and just have them delivered. But that is expensive for shipping as all vaccinations are delivered using 3rd day express shipping. And I would hate to have to pay that when we know that they have them here at the feed store, we just need to get there while they are open.

Grump! hurmph! Grrr!

Oh well. Newbs' training is going well. He goes everywhere with us in the truck, and he knows when I open my truck door that he has to hop in the back and let me in. He can jump in and out of the backseat of the truck with the chair DOWN (which makes the floor he has to jump to higher than if the seat was up) and he knows that when we say "bed" he has to get on the bed and off the floor so we have room to get around. Newbs has also learned that the propane stove is not to be messed with, (no matter how pretty the flickering flames in it are) and that the other three dogs get their bowls before he gets his and he has to sit and wait until I put theirs down before he gets his. Although, he has picked up the habit that whoever takes him out for his morning potty at around 5:30 t0 6 am, then when he comes in he gets to attack the OTHER person who is still inbed sleeping. We call this his, "pirana puppy sneak attack". this is usually when he jumps on the bed, runs up to the head of whoever is still in bed and begins biting their head until they pin him so he can't reach anymore. Frustrating when you are woken up this way... Funny as all get out if you were the one to have taken him out and you see him do it to the other person. lol. hubby has learned to put the blanket over his head if I am the one to take the dogs out in the morning, he doesn't have as much hair as I have, and those puppy teeth HURT on bare skin! :D

This morning I surprised hubby with silver dollar size Indian Fry Bread for breakfast. I made them up, and dipped 1/2 of them sugar, and the other 1/2 of the ones I made into sugar and cinnamon. He snarfed them down like they were the best thing he had ever eatten! I kind of cheated, but they were still good.

3 cups flour
1/2 cup lard
1 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt
1 cup COLD water

mix the lard into the flour, salt, and baking powder, using your hand until it resembles little peas, then mix in the cold water.

pull the dough into ping pong ball size lumps and flatten with your hands. fry until golden brown in 350 to 375 F degree vegetable oil. (for those of you who have read my post from a few months ago about temperatures on the propane stove, this is between the "check your eyebrows" and the "stand back until the propane bottle runs out" setting on the stove.)

If the recipe itself looks familiar it should! It's the same as for my tortilla recipe I use. All I did was change from warm water to cold water so the lard wouldn't melt until it was in the hot oil.

Like I said, he snarfed them up.

Sometime in the next few days I am going to make this recipe again, roll it out, then fill it with mashed potatoes, some chopped treet or bacon (I haven't decided which yet) and some cheese, then bake it and see what it comes out with. I'll serve it topped with some hollandaise. That should wake up the ol' tastebuds!

ok, I am off to play a game for a bit, I emptied and refilled the turkey fryer with snow today, made breakfast, folded clothes, and stored away some dog food among other things and I'm pooped. :D

Later Gaters!

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