Saturday, November 29, 2008

Bisquits, hold the gravy.

Many moons ago I bought a camp oven to put on our camp stove. And last night I was so desprite for some other food than soup I tried it out. I made biscuits. Quite the endeavor because first I had to make the biscuit mix, then make the biscuits. I opened a can of TREET (similar to SPAM) and fried up slices of it and put velveeta cheese on them. We cut the biscuits open and put the treet and velveeta in them and viola, dinner. I was actually quite impressed with them. The can of Treet, I bought at our local dollar store, and the velveeta is what we had because it is shelf stable. So, it was cheap, and easy (other than being impatient waiting for the oven to come to temp. 300 degrees F is NOT easy to get to over a cook stove!) and was good. Food just tastes SO much better cooked out here.

Going to get some more Treet I think. And we have decided on getting a cooler and some meat for the cabin. I miss meat... hubby misses bread... :D I think the meat will be easier to fill than the bread, since it takes so much propane to get the camp oven to 300 degrees. Either that or it'll be bread cooked in the fire pit. He'll just have to live with that for now.

Of course, if any one likes, they can donate towards that $2000.00 wood burning bread oven they have available at king author flour... I am going to make my own version of that from fire brick and cinderblock sometime in the future... Then hubby will have all the bread he can possibly want!

Mistress Treehaven

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