Sunday, November 30, 2008

Walmart, insulation, movies, and lisence woes.

Hello World. Treehaven is sparkling, and beautiful and cold this morning. I guess we are to have temps in the 50's (F) during the day, and down to the mid 20's (F) at night with a chance of rain and snow showers by this next weekend. It's currently Sunday and Hubby has gone to "church" (meaning he has taken Freya and Pan on walkabout on the property to spend time with God and his thoughts!) and I am working on writing the blog, and working up to getting up, dressed, and out of my warm bed. :D

We ended up going through Sprint for our new phone service for out here. Thanks to Don and Ben at Wireless Toys I have a great new phone and phone plan! It's unlimited on everything! Phone minutes, text messaging and online time! so I can talk all I want to and never worry about running out of minutes! Whoot! I am so happy about that. Now I can talk to anyone who calls. I guess I'll have to call someone now. lol. Of course, this is saving us a bonkers amount of money over what we were paying with AT&t. There was a deposit we had to pay, $150.00 because of our damaged credit, but that is nothing really as far as deposits go. I mean, Don said he had seen some deposits for as much as $500.00 so I feel that isn't too bad. It definately could have been worse.

The downside is that I went off and left my driver's license there! Drat! So I have to make the 40+ mile trip BACK into town to get it. I'll be doing it either Monday or Tuesday. It's a trip I don't want to make unless I have more than one thing to do. I have a photocopy of my license in case I get pulled over, and then if they still ticket me for it, I'll be able to prove to the judge that I do actually have a license. It's just annoying as all get out.

We went to the evil empire while we were in town yesterday too. Walmart (shudder). I have to admit that it wasn't a horrible experience. I figured that the day after black friday the store would be awash with many people jammed in there trying to get this or that. But it wasn't packed at all. Probably due to the fact that we were there during most peoples dinner time. We picked up some stuff we needed, and some stuff we didn't need of course. lol. I picked up some more pepsi, and hubby got some Chocolate... We got a headphone splitter and 2nd set of headphones... We have found that watching movies is fine, but that it's hard to hear due to the sound of the generator. We picked up the second set of headphones and the splitter so we both can wear headphones and that should null the sound of the generator and make it a more pleasurable viewing experience. I wanted to make our wonderful neighbor a scarf for Christmas. Afterall, everyone in this area can use another scarf or hat, and he has done so much for us! Get this. Walmart just doesn't carry WOOL yarn! They had about 400 different shades and blends of cotton, acrylic, and nylon.. Just no Wool. I was pretty disappointed in that. But, Thankfully, there is a Michaels just down the street. I'll go in there and look when I go back into town on Monday or Tuesday. I'll get some wool and make the scarf up quick as a wink.

ok, I'll write more tomorrow. Going to try to dig out the corner of our cabin today, it has stuff we just piled there and I have no clue what is really there. It's a mystery. It'll be like Christmas. Oh, I know that my jewelry box is there. Maybe I'll talk the hubby into trying to put up a shelf or two in here out of the cedar boards we brought. Then I'll have a place to put some stuff. Maybe I'll even find the staple gun so we can work some more on the insulation! Now THAT would be nice (and a miracle!), I can't wait until the insulation is all in so we can get the vapor barrier up so we can get real walls in here, so I can start putting stuff places and we can get organized. Bleah.

Or maybe... We'll just watch a movie instead.

Anyone wanna come and help?

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