Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Praying for a mild Winter

Hello world! how are you all doing today?

Well, we've been here for 20 days and as of yet, I've gotten no letters from anyone. I guess I'll sit down and write some more either tonight or tomorrow since it's Turkey day tomorrow and we don't celebrate it. hehe.. even if we did I don't have an oven to cook a turkey in. :D I guess I could wrap it in foil and cook it polynesian style in a firepit. But that could take hours soooo.. We'll stick with no turkey.

We've decided to put a loft up in the cabin. That will give us about another 64 square feet for stuff. Our wonderful neighbor is trying to talk us into putting the bed up there. It would be tons warmer than having it on the floor and we could use the space under the loft for other things like food storage, book shelves, and bringing hubby's lay-z-boy down out of storage. The hubby likes THAT idea. And I daresay I would like to get it here too. It makes a great place to nap or to try to sleep when the insomnia hits.

There is still a number of people who don't know that we've moved. So I guess while I'm writing some letters tomorrow I'll fill out some postcards and let them know the new address. Most of my aunts don't know, and some of my cousins. A few of my cousins like to hunt, maybe I'll encourage them to come and visit that away.

And we do have the hunting. We are right on the migration path for most ducks and geese. We have seen them overhead for a bit now, and heard the guns in the early mornings. And the deer are as thick as fleas on a mongrel hound. It's crazy! We have seen so many deer since moving down here. About 30 of them in the last 20 days and I'm not even exaggerating! Does, still haven't seen any Bucks, but it's getting time for them to drop their antlers, so it'll be hard to tell soon. But lots, and lots of does. Our neighbor says he has a few come and drink out of his little pond he put in. I bet he gets a lot of camera opportunities. Wouldn't mind seeing some of what he gets to come and visit... I think I'll put a pond in out front too. We have dogs though and that could discourage some of the critters to come and drink.

We are praying this will be a mild winter. As I have said before last winter was anyting BUT mild. 7 foot snow drifts, and 3 1/2 to 4 feet of snow on the ground. -30 and -40 degrees F for temps too. If the winter just keeps itself down to about 2 feet of snow on the ground I think we'll be ok. As it is we'll have to do some shoveling of the front area so the dogs can go out and potty. The toboggan will come in handy there, we can fill it with snow from shoveling then pull it to the side and create a kind of "bowl" around the campsite of snow. hehe... kind of a snowfence around us. It'll look like a crater.. like craterlake, but this one will be created by snow, not a volcanic explosion.

I am thinking of getting a reflector oven for our propane fireplace. It would be a good way to use the heat from that to cook biscuits and the like. now I just have to find one. Anyone have a good source for one?

ok, off to find some clothes, gotta run to town today. UGH! 80+ mile round trip. lol.

Mistress Treehaven

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