Friday, November 21, 2008


Here we are! New PICS! Whoot!

No making fun of us. I know we look like crazy wilderness people.

As per usual, the people at the insurance agency are giving Hubby problems about paying him short term disability while he's on FMLA. All kinds of hassles. You have no idea how terrible these people are being... And now, his job is also hassling him for a date that he is to return to work. His Dr. said at least 6 months, while he receives treatment for some of his health issues. That would put his return at the middle of March to middle of April. And here it is the middle of November and it's already nag, nag, nag.

Other than that things are going well, we have a propane heater in place now, it was 70 degrees F in the cabin this morning! Whoot! And this is a morning where it froze water 3 inches deep outside. So it wasn't like it was a warm night. lol.

Wondering when the snow will hit... or if. Don't know. Last winter was pretty bad, 7 foot drifts and people snowed in and all that. Maybe this year will be better... Or worse. lol. Last year with the 7 foot drifts the snow in the flats was still about 3 - 4 feet tall. I'm only 5 foot tall... LOL. And none of the dogs are 4 foot tall. Will have to be sure that we keep the area in the front of the cabin free of snow or we'll loose the pupsicles.

I've had some people ask about how I canned my butter since I moved up here. I'll write that up and post it next time I update.

Which will be soon... And from my own computer! lol. Only brought hubbies this time as we didn't know if we would find a connection this trip. But we did. So here is your update.

Hugs for all

Mistress Treehaven.

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