Friday, November 14, 2008

New Info!

Well, we made it to the property, and it's absolutely beautiful! but, we also found out that a lot of the info we were given is WRONG! It doesn't get down to aqbout 18 degrees F in the winter... more like -30 to -40 degrees F!

Sooooooo. We are looking at going to my sisters for the winter then coming back up here for spring, summer, fall of next year. That will give us more time to put in the estimated TEN cords or more of wood we need as well as get the cabin prepped for next winter's living. lol.

Greenhorns! That's us.

Not defeated, just turned back for a time. We'll see what the future holds now.

For those of you who have my address (snail mail!) write me!


1 comment:

Quawana said...

OH my gosh, I was thinking of you this morning and wondering how it was going. I am glad you have a good outlook! Just a set back! I love ya!