Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day...

So here we are again.. That time of the year when we choose a new leader for our massive country. Whoever that is this year will have their hands full. As a nation, we are so far in debt that it will take DECADES to get it all paid off. The country is ready to fall into depression and we are in an ever spiraling recession. Unemployment is going up, people in bankruptcy and forclosure is going up, and people who are able to make ends meet are going down.

Who do you think will win that coveted seat of President of the United States of America? Of course the two front runners are John McCain and Barrack Obama. Are either of them really fit for the job? I've already voted, so I know who I put on the ballot. Have to tell ya... Who I voted for will probably surprise the pants off a lot of people. I won't tell you here, but maybe in a day or two I'll put it up, keep you all guessing. :D Don'tcha just love suspense?

I also voted for our mayor here in Eugene. Kitty Piercy or Jim Torrey. That was our choices. I don't like Kitty Piercy, so I voted for the old war horse, Jim Torrey. Kitty had her chance and did nothing really. lol. Jim did a lot so let them work with him for a while. And well... If I was wrong... I'll be gone on Thursday anyway. I know, kind of a mean thing to say, but it's the truth.

There were tons of measures to vote on too. I don't remember all of them. A lot of them didn't have to do with hubby or I, but I dutifully voted on them. The ones that would affect us, I dutifully marked too. :D Want to be sure I mark my ballot up. Voting is important and hubby was in the Navy for 11 years to be sure I continued to get that right. And he gets MIGHTY touchy when he finds out someone isn't voting. :D Hear that? Get together and VOTE! It's a freedom, it's a right and it's a duty.

off to more packing. hehe.. anyone wanna come and help?

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