Sunday, November 23, 2008


SNOW! We got our first snow of the year yesterday morning. Just a dusting, but it was very pretty. the dogs and us went for a walk-about in the snow sprinkles. They ran and ran.... I walked and walked. lol. I just don't have the energy they have. I'll get there someday, but not yet.

Well, we had bought a propane heater last week on Thursday, and a 20 lb. propane bottle, looks like today I'll have to go and fill the bottle. Not bad when you make the comparison to the electric heater. We pay about $12.00 for gas per night right now. (yes, that is a LOT of money each day that we have to quit needing to spend, but I need the generator to run my sleep apnea machine right now.) The propane bottle to fill was right about $12.00 too. So for three days of heat with the propane it was $4.00 a day, vs. $12.00 a day for gas for the gennie.

We are working on getting some batteries and other needed stuff so I can run my sleep apnea mask off of 12V vs. 120v.. Once we do that then we won't have to run the generator except every two or three days to charge the batteries when we have no sun. When the sun is out then using a solar panel we'll be able to get some power off of that and it'll save the gas and the generator.

If you have a generator remember, even if you don't need it you need to start it every once in a while to keep the oil and lubricant moving around in it. If you don't then when you do start it then it'll seize and burn out. And with most generators costing over $500.00 you DO NOT want that to happen. We got a great price break with ours in that it was only $399.00 for one that is 5000 watts, but that is unusual. It was last years model, and the last one they had. :D I got very, very lucky.

Candles! Lots of candles. I have a lot that I have bought that aren't in jars or glasses. I am sad about that! The candles that came in their own jars, cups, or glasses are all so much more convenient. Burning them not only gives light, but they also help add a little to the warmth of the cabin. And it's all about warmth this winter. :D Come summer, it'll be a different story all together. Our neighbor has told us that it can get to 100 degrees here in the summer! Ouch. I KNOW we'll be going back to our storage unit and getting the window air conditioner. Now if only we knew it would fit in the window! lol.

Although, the screens in the windows are permanently affixed. So that means I would have to cut them out to get the air conditioner in. And that is when the other problem comes into play.

Spring time is SKEETER TIME!

According to our wonderful neighbor,the mosquitos around here are very prolific. Hard to beleive this in a land where there is little to no water. Apparently, however, it's true. There are enough mosquitoes in the Spring to suck a full grown cow down to dessicated powder in about 3 minutes at any given time in any one place.

So, the newest advice is that hubby is to build me a screen house for us to live in come spring. (Poor Hubby, his to-do list just keeps getting longer and longer!)

This same wonderful neighbor is a veritable FOUNT of information! He has a wonderful cabin of less than 200 SF, that is beautifully and very practically appointed. It's all painted, and trimmed and is very functional as well as astetically pleasing. I am going to snitch some of his ideas for our own little cabin in the woods. Once I get some of his upgrades implemented here I'll include some pics.

Off to find some other mischeif to get into... maybe some insulation or something...

Mistress Treehaven

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