Friday, December 5, 2008

Clean Cabin!

Here it is 6:30 am on Friday morning and I thought I would write an update. Not a whole lot going on, but we found out the weather station on the radio isn't the same forecast as for us! We kept hearing it talk about this one place, and thought it included us, but it doesn't. So the forecast for this week and next was highs in the 40's and 50's with lows in the 20's and 30's. Well, yesterday we woke up to a white world. Not snow mind you, but frost, lots and lots of frost. When I went down to the local post office, I was told it was 12 degrees F last night! that would explain the frost! lol. It was 39 degrees F at 1pm yesterday. Now. Keep in mind that the post office is at an elevation at least 100 feet BELOW us in altitude. So we probably dipped as low as 10 or even 9 degrees F. LOL.

We bought a thermometer for inside / outside, but haven't installed it yet, so perhaps I'll get hubby to do that today. Then we'll know how cold it is that we survive. :D

Yesterday the hubby was frustrated, and when he gets frustrated and stressed, he cleans. So our entire cabin has been redone. The insulation around the bed is all in, the bed is now up against the wall, the dressers are all where they are supposed to be, my kitchen is set up, and Thor's bed is under the kitchen table! There is still more insulation to go in, but a lot was done yesterday!

For all our loving living here in the wilderness, I wish that we had some friends that lived closer. We still have to insulate the roof and I'm not looking forward to that. Hubby will have to climb up there and do it himself. We only have one ladder, and I'm useless on a ladder anyway. And, it's a peaked roof, so that presents it's own problems anyway. The wonderful neighbor up here has volunteered that if we need any help to let him know and he'll see what he can do, so maybe we'll ask his help for this stage of the game. But we are going to get all the walls done first. Those we have been able to do by ourselves pretty successfully.

Now I need an area rug for the middle of our floor. Like one of those old time braided rugs or something. I don't want to put down wall to wall carpet in here. Depending on a vacuum when you have no electricity is a little silly. But a carpet of about 5 x 8 would be nice and still be able to be taken up and taken outside and beaten to get the dirt out of it. And we do have dirt!

Yesteray we hung up our copy of the consitution, and a small flag by the door. It's nice that it's there and it makes the place more homey I think. I can't wait until we get either drywall/sheetrock/plywood up on the walls so I can hang more stuff and get the walls painted! It's starting to feel more and more like home all the time.

I had to laugh, we have a tent up right now for storage. It'll come down once we get everything inside, but in the mean time it's where we put things that don't necessarily need to be in the cabin. In our moving around and unpacking yesterday, hubby found our pair of long handled pruning shears. We call them "loppers". Anyway, I was thinking we could hang them from our rafters (such as they are), but he said "no, they'll go out in the garage, there's no reason for them to be in here." I didn't say anything, but thought it was pretty funny that he called the tent our garage. So I sat them outside the door while we continued work in here. Later, he went outside to move some other stuff around and grabbed them while we were there, so he could put them in the tent. Again he said "ok, I'll put these and this other stuff in the garage."... And it hit him he had called the tent our garage. He looked at me and said "how's that for habit!?"... LOL! So now, the tent is officially known as "THE GARAGE".

Last time we went to Wallyworld we bought 8 shelf brackets to put up the shelving here in the cabin. We couldn't find them yesterday (hence hubby's spate of moving, unpacking, organizing) but I need to get them found so we can get shelves up. What's really funny is even though several hours was spent moving around the contents of our cabin, the brackets weren't found! Some shelf bracket gremlin seems to have made off with them. :( So, if you happen to see that gremlin, could you bop him and send him back with my brackets?

oh, the sky is getting lighter out there finally. I wonder if it's going to be a clear day or a cloudy day. According to the weather station (HAH!) rain mixed with snow is in the forecast for Friday night and Saturday night. So we'll have to see what we get. For all I know we got snow last night too. Just waiting on the sun to lighten it up a bit more for me to find out. :D

Ok, off to turn off the generator, and get ready to face the day. I'm thinking PANCAKES for breakfast. :D

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