Sunday, December 28, 2008

Simple Days

Some people measure their wealth by the size of their bank account. I measure my wealth by my friends and family... and my food. lol. We put up another shelf yesterday, and filled it with canned goods from a box under the cook table. Mostly diced tomatoes, but that's ok. Diced tomatoes you can make a ton of things with. There was also some evaporated milk, and peaches, canned grapes, and some pineapple slices, just to name a few of the treasures I pulled out of the box. Yummy! There is also some cheddar & broccoli soup mix bags I found in the box. It's a good thing to have, as you can eat it as soup, or you can thin it down a little and have it as a sauce. I am thinking of mixing some in some biscuits and seeing what I come up with. I still have 6 flats of food under the table (12 cans/jars per flat) and a case of chicken broth and a case of peaches. The case of beef broth is open and under another table/stand, and on top of it is tomato paste and sauce cans.

Last night for dinner, I did some rice up in Chicken broth. Then I added a can of peas and carrots, 1/2 a can of sweet corn and a can of chicken. All the cans of stuff were drained of course. Then over that I put some turkey gravy (homestyle gravy from a jar). It was pretty good. The gravy was added seperately because Hubby and I each like different levels of "goopiness" to our food. Definitely a do again meal. This morning, hubby took the left over rice mix, added some veggie oil, some seasame oil and some teriyaki sauce, and fried it up for breakfast. It was pretty good!

While I was playing with the shelf yesterday, hubby went out and changed the oil in the generator. I guess you have to do that every 100 hours or so of operation, and since we use it for about 10 hours each night, he'll be doing that quite regularly. At least it only takes about 1/2 quart or so of oil! If it didn't then that could get expensive.

There are some short, squatty trees up the road from us. I don't know who owns the property, but no one lives on it. I need to do some research, as I have been told they are Mahogany trees! A nice dense, hardwood that is good for burning or wood projects. As far as I can tell we don't have any on our immediate property, and if I can find out how to propigate them, then maybe I'll just have to gather some and put here. There are so many I don't think the owner of the property will begrudge me if I can transplant 1 or 2 or if I can get starts off of them. It's a pretty wood, with silver bark and a nice orange inside.

Today is Sunday, so I think I'll spend the day doing as little as possible. I have some Bible reading to catch up on, and a book to finish. And if I'm REALLY energetic, I have some crochet to finish too. A dark blue scarf and a grey scarf. I think I am going to give them to the gentleman who cooked our Christmas dinner and his dad. Most of the people up here are men, and most of them don't have womenfolk to do nice things for them. So I'll do what I can and see if I can give them a little of what they are missing. Who knows... Maybe I can bring a touch of sophistication to these wild mountain men.

Lazy Mamma of three furkids

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