Saturday, December 27, 2008

Milo, Otis and Shelves

Gifts from heaven aren't to be ignored.

Hubby and I had been talking about adding another furkid... but we never guessed at the possibility of two.

On our way up to the Christmas dinner on Thursday, two dogs were running down the road. Mind you, they were running with purpose and after a brief hesitation on our parts, we just left them as it looked like they were heading home. One was a little brown lanky fellow, the other was a stocky looking canine that had a stubby tail who was black with some white and brown tossed in for flavor. We asked at the dinner and no one knew who they belonged to.

Yesterday, we were heading into town to get some more gas, there were rumors of another storm coming and we wanted to be sure we had plenty to last. Here were these same two dogs again, so we stopped, and they came running full of wags and happy greetings. They looked scruffy and jumped up in the truck without a qualm. So we took them down to the store, no dice, no one knew them. Then we went to our friends place the next town over (where we go to get gas) and he didn't know them either.

We were starting to warm to the idea, but still weren't 100% certain about keeping them. The working names of Milo and Otis were applied to these two vagabonds, can't just call them "Dog" or "Mutt". Of course they would still have to get along with our own three furkids. But we thought we would give it another shot. If they had owners/human parents, then that is where they belonged.

So, we went up to a new friends place not far from us, he had been at the dinner and from the description, couldn't place them. However, we hit paydirt. Once he saw the dogs he said he knew them and they lived up the way a bit. So with heavy yet happy hearts we drove up to their home and returned them to their parents.

I guess these two have the wanderlust as their owner said it was the second time that they had taken off and someone had returned them. Kind of crazy to let them run if you ask me, there are trappers up here and a trap isn't a good way for a dog to die.

Thus the adventure ended with us coming home and me being a little sad that we didn't have more kids. Oh well, I know that when the time is right more will come.

On another note, we got another shelf hung yesterday! And now my spices are out and ready for cooking. Today we will put up some more shelves, and whatever else comes to hand. I'll have to get a picture of the shelf we hung yesterday. It's SOOO crooked, but it's totally level. It's just that we are that far off level on the cabin. Once the Spring thaw comes though, you better beleive that the cabin will be leveled. This of course means that most of the shelves will have to come down too. lol. But I can live with that.

Haven't a clue for breakfast, but dinner will be, chicken flavored rice, with peas, carrots, and corn, and some turkey gravy over it. Pretty much a meatless meal except for the bits of turkey in the gravy (it's from a jar and has some pieces in it, although there are only a few of them). Sometimes it's good to have no meat right? :D I'll compensate by doing meat something tomorrow. hehe.

off to find something to do.

Ms. "Searching for more furkids" Treehaven

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