Saturday, December 13, 2008

SNOW redone!

OK, so we really did get snow last night! About 2 inches of it. It's beautiful, and COLD. :D It's everywhere we look and just simply wonderful. I don't know how far down it went, if it hit the flatlands or not, but we sure got it. Big fluffy snow. Everything is so pristine and wonderlandy out there. I am sure that by the time April or May comes around (when we get melted around here) that I am going to be saying much less nice things about it!

It was very odd yesterday. We were out moving things around outside, when suddenly the quality of the air changed to me. It was a sudden temperature drop and the "FEEL" of the air changed. It became more crisp and... Well, it's very hard to explain. I know that some of you reading this blog may understand while the rest of you kind of go "huh?". lol. It was very special to be able to feel that though. A wonderful gift.

Then, along about 4pm, hubby went to get something from the garage and opened the door on the cabin and said "oh, it's starting to rain"... I looked out the window (I was sitting at the kitchen window) and noticed it wasn't rain. I KNEW it wasn't rain I felt coming on earlier in the day. So I went to the door and said "look again". He said "I know, I know." and grimaced at me! lol. It IS beautiful though. Everything has a wonderland look to it.

I guess I better enjoy it while I can, by the time Spring comes it'll be a muddy morass that sticks to everything. I'll have to have the dogs wash their feet before coming in the cabin and hubby will have to leave his boots outside. Ugh. I have always hated Spring, but I have a feeling that I will come to hate it a lot more living here in the Wilderness.

Here it is: 7:10 AM 12/13/2008 and it's starting to snow out there again. Not a lot. If it were rain I would say that it's "spitting". Maybe it's snow powder coming off the tops of the trees? Don't know. I can see it every once in a while though.

the dogs are of mixed feelings about it. Freya goes out in it and still tries to track stuff, but it's giving her difficulty. When she went out this morning instead of being in the next county inside of 2 minutes, she was just up on the hill. At least this makes it easy to call her back. lol. Pan is cold, even with his coat and doesn't like to stay out in it. Thor is totally indifferent. It may as well as be a sunny day out there for him. He sniffs around, and looks up and then kind of shrugs his shoulders, does his thing, then comes back in the house. lol.

I'm kind of interested in getting dressed, and going out to see what tracks I can find. I know I'll find dog tracks... Duh! I have 3 dogs! I know there is deer up here, and I have been told there are lynx, badger, wolverine, squirrel, chipmunk, birds of all shapes and sizes, couger, bobcat, coyote, of course cow and horse, skunk... Who knows what all kind of tracks I'll find. When we placed the cabin, it's placed on a wildlife trail. Probably deer made it, but who knows what else uses it. I know that in the mornings, when we let the dogs out, that they sniff and sniff to see who else has been here.

It keeps coming to mind that I have to be sure to get the fences up before spring! I don't want to wake up, and go to let the dogs out only to have them disappear over the ridge chasing God only knows what. Cow? Horse? Some other critter. At least with a fence they can run to the fence then no more. We'll do a 4 foot hog fence to keep the dogs in, then string at least a double strand of barbed wire on the outside of that to keep the cattle and horses OUT of the hog fence. Hope that works. If not then maybe shooting into the air will scare them off if we see them come around.

I'll have to send hubby out with the infamous camera and see what pics he can get from around the homesite. Will have to be sure he puts toe warmers in his boots, last thing I want to have to treat is frostbite. Especially if it's only because of pictures.

Snowshoes! We'll have to get some snowshoes for both of us. I would just make some, but we don't have the right wood aorund here. I think Willow is the best? I don't know, I'll have to research that, feel free to send me any links on making snowshoes. Since I do a lot of other crafts that would at least be a USEFUL one out here.

Will need to get at least Pan some boots for this weather too, can't leave them alone for long here, they'll freeze their noses, toes and the like. If Freya doesn't stop eating the snow she'll freeze her tongue! Brain frozen dog! Hubby mentioned that maybe it's a breed thing, since neither of the other two do it, only her. She's a Norwegian Elkhound. Someone else have an Elkie that does this? Is it a breed thing or just something my brain damaged furdaughter does?

Hummm... I am pretty sure that it's snow spittle happening out there and that it's not just coming down out of the trees now. It's light enough I can see it and it's all over, not just by the trees. I wonder how much this particular storm is going to dump on us?

Last winter was one of the worse winters a lot of these people can remember. They got 7 foot + of snow. At once! I have heard that the average is about 2 feet. So sometimes it's 2-3 inches, and sometimes it's more. lol.

OK, I am outta here, not sure what I am going to find to do, maybe some crochet. I have a kitchen towel to finish. this towel is going to wrap the gift of scarf for the very nice lady in town who has been so helpful to us. The gift of scarf to the neighbor who has been so giving of his time and information, was wrapped in two hand crochet washclothes (washed and preshrunk of course) yesterday. I don't know if he's going to wait until Christmas to open it or not. Either way, I hope he likes it.

have a great day everyone!
Snowoman of Treehaven

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