Thursday, December 18, 2008

Reading, writing and end of the World.

Ah... Winter! And the constantly falling snow. It's back to snowing again today, not a huge accumulation, as it all is kind of this big fluffy stuff that just doesn't seem to pile up much. Which is fine with me. I need to go back into the big city on Monday so if it can hold off until Monday night then I'll be happier. lol. Of course, I'll say that every Monday. Snow Monday night through thursday or Friday, and be clear enough on Monday morning for the 40 + mile drive for me to go into town. I could be happy with that schedule. lol. But, I know that nature isn't going to keep to that for me... Drat it.

Other than that, there isn't a lot going on here. Yesterday we pulled in a nice icicle harvest. Some were HUGE. Between those and the snow we filled a 5 gallon jug. Enough to do dishes with. This will leave the potable water for drinking and cooking. Whoot. Anything to stretch that out is a good thing. Water being one of the most important things to continuing life.

Before we moved to the wilderness, we were looking at a gizmo that would collect moisture from the air and purify it so you could use it. Kind of like Luke SKywalker in the original "Star Wars" with their collectors. We emailed the company, but never did get a response from them. We were thinking that if we could become distributors that it would be a great way to get water for up here. Maybe I'll have to look them up again and drop them another email or see if I can find a phone number for them.

Hubby and I were talking the other day about the end of the world. The one interpretation we were discussing this time was the end of the mayan (Aztec?) calendar that ends 12-25-2012. The story goes that the end of the world will happen that day and all of mans machines and technology will turn against him. As well as all the animals. Some have depicted that this means that the technology will go on a killing frenzy, ovens will set themselves on broil and burn down your house, if you wear a tie and lean over the pinter then it will come on and suck in the tie and choke you to death, hot water heaters will set themselves to boiling and boil you when you turn on the water, etc, etc.. I am more along the thought process that if this idea happens it'll just be that our technology will stop working. TADA! No more technology. Having to make do with what we can make do with. No computers, no phones, no tv's and the like. Hubby thinks it's not going to happen like that at all.

My mom recommended a great book called "Dies the Fire" by S.M. Stirling. It's the first of a trilogy, that he has since written a second trilogy for to handle the second generation of kids. Basically, a bright flash happens and... VIOLA! no technology works after it. Even gunpowder won't work like it should. The book deals with how several different groups of people live after this. I highly recommend it. Not only is S.M. a great story writer (and an SCA member!) but it was a great premiss to read about as well. I fully imagine that this is what it would be like if 12-25-2012 comes to pass as predicted. TADA! Welcome to the stone age.

I'm currently reading another series by Stirling. It starts with "Island in the sea of Time" and moves on to "on the oceans of eternity". So far I am on the second book and it's pretty good too. Anacronism seems to be this authors strong point. In this series, the island of Nantucket gets moved back in time to about 1250 BC and has to go forward from there. Parts of it put me rolling. Especially when the Nantucketers start talking about the "past" that is really the "future/possible future/won't be the future because of all the changes they have made on the world" thing. All the paradoxes can be hard to wrap your brain around, but sure do make for a fun read.

Just in case any of you are wondering still. I talked to my wonderful sister and they have their water back on and running. Still doesn't have much in the way of water storage in the house, but I guess 3 cases of bottled water and a 5 gallon blue container of water is better than zero. Lol. Maybe someday she'll store more.

ok, since I have don't pretty much nothing today, I am off to do more of it. :D At least I have a blog here for you. hehe.

Mrs. Bookfiend Treehaven

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