Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Last day of the year and more....

The 31st... The last day of the year and the looking forward to the new. Tonight, in Eugene, there would be parties, and fireworks, yelling and nerves. The dogs would be a mess. Freya would be barking her head off, Pan would be trembling like a palsied poodle as well as barking and Thor would be in our bed since he can't get under it. Fireworks drive them all insane. Peoples houses would get egged, or TP'd and cars may get tagged with spraypaint.

Here in the Backwoods of Nowhere, there is a party at the local bar, and there are no kids in the area. Fireworks aren't used around here for fear of forest, house or barn fires. TP is pretty precious (don't want to run out while you're snowed in) and so the kids would get their butts beaten for wasting it. And while your neighbor may be a partying fool, he's also 2 miles away.

We are planning on dropping in on the local party, so long as the weather holds anyway, if it's pouring snow we'll stay home, don't want to get stuck out. Don't know if we'll stay until the entire midnight thing or not. Being old folks midnight is a bit late. lol.

There is something to be said for not running the generator at night! Our nephew forwarded us a Christmas present via paypal. We used it to buy a battery. A lot of money for such a simple little thing, but it is definitely needed. So, yesterday hubby charged this battery up, and last night we hooked up the inverter to it. And it ran Harvey (my sleep apnea machine) all night long! I was so happy about that, it's gas saved which means money saved. Unfortunately I kept waking up imagining that the gas in the generator had run out and that hubby would have to go fill it. lol.. But I know that will go away with time. Going to try using it again tonight too and see if I can get two nights worth of power out of the battery to start with and then only charge it every other day. That will cut our gas consumption by 1/3. Not running the generator makes the night SO quiet. Every little click, and thump was heard.

I made a call last night and invited a friend to come up to stay at the property. She has recently been evicted from her home of 10 years and has a travel trailer. I explained that we won't be able to afford to buy propane for her or provide her with electricity, but at least she would have a stable place to park the trailer until something better came along. She was estatic about the offer and said she may take us up on it. Where she is at now she is at a friends house and they rent.

Last night after we got home from filling the propane I got busy and did some handwork. I had some fringe on a scarf to finish, hemming of 2 washclothes, and a hole in one of my favorite sweaters to fix. So I did them all. I still have 2 washclothes to hem, and a pair of socks to repair, but I'll do them tonight or tomorrow.

Well, the battery on my laptop is down to 27% so I'll be done for now. Maybe I'll use some of the battery power from the big battery to charge my laptop battery later. :D In the mean time I need to get ready to go back into town today and cash a couple of checks and drop off some information to an aquaintence there. As well as maybe stop at the library. Although, we do have some books unpacked now for me to read. :D I do love to read.

Busy as a Beaver Lady of Treehaven.

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