Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Daily Business

Snow.. It can be a beautiful thing. It can also be a real pain in the rump!

Yesterday we went to the big city. Nothing unusual there, we normally go on Mondays. But we drove all the way back with chains on and at 30 miles per hour or so... My lower back today is killing me, but my rump got a great massage. lol.

Anyway, we only are going out one more time this week, today. We need to go fill all the propane bottles and gas cans. The rest of the week, at least until next Monday, we are staying in. Like I said, it is lovely, but a pain in the rump to drive in. :D While we are out, we are going to stop at the store and see if there is anything we need or would like to have. We have a lot of food here, could go for months without going to the store, but not a lot on the side of munchies. Will pick some of those up. Some bread, some crackers.... Maybe a few more 1# propane bottles for the camp stove, then I'll have enough for biscuits and stuff for the oven. hehe.

It was COLD last night, down around 0 degrees F. At 5:30 last night it was at 11 degrees, so can do the math from there. Gotta still get that thermometer installed, then we'll know for sure what the temp is at times. We only know the temp because hubby was on the phone with the neighbor at that time and he told us. lol. Most of the time our temps are "cold", "colder", and "you gotta be kidding me!"... Last night was of the "you gotta be kidding me" variety. Yes, we still have some insulation to get up, but at least this week we'll have time to work on it some more. It's like we need 2 more people here to help us do all that needs to be done. lol. Move this, haul that, do this, dump that. It's crazy.

Just think. Sometime before spring (or late spring at least), we have to, build the goat pen, build the chicken coop, put up fence around the property, put the water containment in the ground, build several storage sheds, get the solar system in place, get some system for getting water in place, and get some raised beds for gardens in. This also isn't counting the wood we have to cut, the woodstove we have to put in, the smoker and oven we have to build outside, or any improvements in our cabin we have to do. hehe.

On the domestic side, I have curtains to make, rugs to make, and such too. We are talking of putting a wind baffle in the front of the house. Kind of a place that as you are coming in, you can open the door, and come in, then close it, before opening the house door to come in. It's kind of a "dead space" so not so much cold air comes into the actual house. That will help to keep it warmer in here too.

I'm sitting here listening to the hubby be outside with the kids. Everything is crunch, crunch, squealch, squealch, where hubby's sneaker bottoms are crunching in the snow, which is really more like ice crystals.

Whoot! The porta potty has just been delivered. :D no more using my beloved little John then trucking it to the disposal place. Now we can use John and not HAVE to leave the house, then just dump him in the porta potty. that will save a lot of time and hassle. It's amazing how much the simple things are soooo nice.

ok, I am off to find something to get into. :D I'm pretty good at that.

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