Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Frozen Pipes and Broken nails

There are advantages to living like we do now to go along with the disadvantages. Yes, we have to haul in our water, and yes we have to haul out our sewer. Yes, we have to go to town to fill our gas cans for the generator, and yes we have to go to town to fill our propane tanks. We even have to go to town to check our email and to upload the blogs. But there are problems we don't have to face living like we do. the last time we heard a car go by at lightening fast speeds outside our house while it's being powered by the thump-thump rap crap that is coming out it was October. We have no neighbor kids bouncing their balls into our back yards. Nor do we have to listen to our "Christian" neighbor woman yelling curse words at her grandkids. Unfortunately we also have no nice neighbor boy who comes and mows our lawn either, but that neighbor boy is now all grown up an in college! We also have no lawn.

One of the other great things we don't have to contend with is water pipes. in -18 degree F weather, if we had water pipes, they would definitely freeze! Well, we don't have to worry about that. But even if we did, I always kept about 40 gallons of water (no joke!) in my storage. Now.. I just gotta do this, although I'll probably pay for this later. My sister called yesterday. She lives in a LOVELY old farm house. Two storey, two wood stoves plus propane heat. However, sometime in the night it got cold enough where she lives to freeze their pipes. Ugh. If you have ever had this happen then you know that there is no way of knowing when it defrosts if it's going to burst a pipe or not. In the conversation with her, I found out that the only water storage they have is the water pitcher in the fridge. No 5 gallon containers of water anywhere in the house or on the property! Anyway, there is another house on the same property that her sister in law lives in. And the sister in law's pipes wasn't frozen so at least my sister has water. But in the 8 years I have been preaching preparedness at her, she still doesn't have anything for emergencies put back. Not even water. I know she reads here, so I'll catch a load or two of poo for this I am sure... I can take it though. Feel free to post comments here so she'll see them. :D She can share them with her husband and maybe he'll get the bug too. hehe.

Yesterday was spent going to the library to post something like 6 blogs. Now that Mr. Treehaven has started blogging too, maybe it'll be time to break the blogs in two sometime so we can each put stuff up. I don't know how much room we have for storage, so maybe someday I'll do that. Until then, remember to read the signature at the end so you know who posted, myself or the hubby.

I have so many pictures to share with you. I'll be posting more to the blogs in the way of pictures soon. So, be ready for them.

Speaking of pics... I have some lovely pics of what living in the wilderness can do for a woman's hands. lol. You have to keep your nails SHORT living out here or any little thing you do out here will rip them right up. I don't usually pay a lot of attention to my hands. Fake nails are for those people who have way too much time and money on their hands. People who actually work for a living usually don't have fake nails. Out here, fake nails would last the time it took me to drive home from the nail salon. If that. I'd probably loose one climbing into the truck. :D Prissy hair styles that take more than a brush and scarf or much more also don't last out here. Forget the curling iron. Forget the blowdryer. If you can't just wash, comb and go, then rethink moving to the wilderness. Makeup? Why? Are you trying to impress the deer? Maybe the coyotes? I can see camo face paint... But most women don't wear that kind of makeup.. Although, if you are single ladies, I am sure that camo face paint would definitely attract the right kind of man for LIVING out here 5 miles past the end of civilization. Now, I'm not saying that personal hygeine isn't important. You want to keep your hair, feet, and nether regions clean. Especially when you are living in a 200 SF with someone else. It's more comfortable for both of you. I mean, even if that other person who lives in your personal space does live with a perpetually plugged up nose, you have to go into town sometime. Or someone may drive by and see you and stop by just to say howdy. But I digress. I don't usually pay too much attention to my hands, and I unknowingly let my nails get to long. And then I paid for it. If you have ever had your nail bent back from your finger, you will know how much it hurt when this damage happened to my nails.

Breakfast today will be cheese quesadilla and refried beans. Lunch will be Ramen, and dinner will be rice, with chunks of Treet, and sweet and sour sauce with some peas or greenbeans on the side. Can't decide which veggie I would like more. :D

Off to cause mischief and cook breakfast!

Ms. Treehaven

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