Monday, December 29, 2008

Walk About, drive to city, and all that

What is it about lazy days that tend to not stay lazy? Yesterday was supposed to be a lazy day. After writing up the blog and doing some Bible reading for the day, I went for a nice long walk about with the hubby and the dogs. Thor stayed pretty much right next to me the entire time. He's very much a mama's boy. Good thing he can't read the blog, as he would probably be embarassed that I just told a bunch of people that.

Freya on the other hand ran about 40 or 50 times the distance we walked. She ran ahead on the road, then back to us when we called, over to the right side of the road and up the gully, and back when we called... the left side of the road held a bit of interest too, so she ran over there, and back to us when we called. lol. You get the picture. Teens have SO much energy. And she never walks anywhere, it's always at this ground eating trot. She loves to trot up a hill and look back at dad, when she does this he calls her back and she comes back down the hill as fast as her legs can carry her back at dad like a runaway train. "Catch me dad! My brakes are broke!" and he catches her and she wiggles and wags all over, if she could she would be laughing so loud.

Pan kind of does both. He likes to stick closer to us than Freya does, but he's not against running up the road and back to us and playing as we go along. So he also gets a ton of excersize and is panting like a steam engine when we get home usually.

Yesterday they were all crazy dogs. Running and plowing through the snow, jumping over the piles of snow on the side of the road where it was plowed by the grader. Barking, and being silly. A few times Freya and Pan were playing on the side of the road, they were leaping and barking and feinting and such, and the snow was up past their tummies! I guess I shouldn't be surprised, we did have over 2 foot of snow in places up here. I was just surprised that they would want to play in it. lol.

After our walk about we came home and the dogs crashed. Hubby put up another shelf for me! This one is about 3 1/2 or 4 feet long. All of these shelves look so crooked, but it's because they are level and the cabin isn't. We won't be able to level the cabin now until spring. But the shelves are all level so nothing will fall off and against the unlevel wall boards it looks funny. Anyway, we debated what to put on it, and I am content with the food that we have on the shelves, even with the rest on the floor for now. So I decided to put books on it. So, hubby went out to the garage and brought in a tote full of books, which I promptly put up on the shelf. And then he brought in 2 more boxes of books which I also put up on the shelf. One of these boxes was one that should have stayed in storage and not come with us, but it accidently was included with what we brought. So I took it from the box it was in and either tonight or tomorrow I'll repack it into the empty tote box to go back into the garage for storage. Or maybe I'll find a corner to tuck it into in here.

I also added some screws to the front of my spice shelf. This will give me a place to hang some of my cooking utensils so I have them at hand while I prepare meals. My "Mis en plas" is getting there. I just have a bit more tweaking to it, such as more shelves to get some more stuff out of my way while I prep food. It's just so important to have a place for everything in this tiny cabin.

For dinner we splurged and went down to the local resteraunt for dinner. Burgers! Pop! and ice cream for dessert for me. Oh it was good! Hubby had blackberry pie for dessert, heated with ice cream on top and he had sweet tea to drink. The owners of the resteraunt are amazing people too. Friendly and very family like. I love going down there, and if I could I would just sit all day and talk with them and just drink pop. lol.

There are so many wonderful people up here who have such great stories to tell, I feel like I have stepped into a Foxfire book sometimes with all the great information and stories of these peoples lives. Ex-military who have been everywhere, people who were born here and went no where although they know everything about the area... People who work with livestock, some who work with technology, and people of all races, religions and creeds.

And now we are adding our story to the pot.

Well, today is that dreaded day of driving into the big city again. Ugh, I really do not enjoy that. But it has to be done, so I grit my teeth and do it. At least we are in a warming trend weather wise so We won't need chains on the truck to do it. yay! We'll be able to drive faster than 35 miles per hour.

Mrs. Treehaven, who is off to see the wizard.

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