Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Taking Care of Business

Hi hi!

The hubby got 3 posts up before I got this one up! Not fair. :P Well, I'll just have to work harder at it I guess.

thought we would get snow today, but no dice. Looks like I'm still stuck driving in to do laundry. :( ick. I can't wait until I can start doing it here, but I don't have a bucket/pail/tub big enough yet. There is a second hand store I thought I would check out in the small town just to the north of here, but I can't go there yet. :D Need the $$$ to do that.

Of all the things we are short on the cash is the the worst. We can make do with so much, but it seems that homesteading is a rich mans sport. lol. I keep thinking that if we just had about $3,000.00 to our name then we would be sitting so much better off to be able to survive the bad weather when it hits. But I keep making do with what we have coming in. There just seems so much more week at the end of the money. lol. I'll do it, it just takes some practice I guess.

We all went for a nice walk-about yesterday. I made it all the way up the road to a neighbors house! Whoot! I'm getting better at this walk thing. Getting to his house is no easy task. On the road (much easier walking than cross country) you go down a small incline from our driveway, to where a culvert runs under the road. This culvert is filled in on one side and Hubby says that he is thinking of going and shoveling it out so maybe the road doesn't get washed out this spring. It's a nice area, but then you start UP the next hill. And while it's a hill, it's STEEP. I had to break 3 times on it yesterday to get my breath. Our neighbor lives at the top of this other hill, around a small bend in the road.

Anyway, we got there just as he was leaving yesterday! lol. So what did we do? He turned off his car and got out and we stood yammering in the middle of the road! ROFL. Only in the country. We were there for about 40 minutes and didn't even have to THINK that there may be a vehicle coming through. hehe. I love it.

It's so much easier to sleep up here. No loud rap music, no screaming and arguing neighbors, no loud trucks driving by, It's just so NICE! And the sporadic barking of the dogs at all of this aforementioned City Sound? None! The dogs are SOOOO relaxed up here. Even Pan has stopped barking at every little thing and just kind of takes his day in with a grin.

OH! I didn't mention that I now have some SHELVES! WHOOT! I have a place to put some canned goods, it's extremely wonderful. Now I just have to get them up on it. lol. And a rug on my floor, and my curtains up, and walls up... ROFL. So much to do and so little time in the day. It's pretty amazing though that every little thing that is done is so WONDERFUL and makes us feel so accomplished.

Back in Eugene, when I worked all day and did so much, I never had this feeling of satisfaction of getting anything done. Even when I KNEW I did so much during the day. But now, I am so happy to have accomplished something when I cook a meal, or look around our cabin and see what we have done with so little.

Hubby put up the shelves while I was doing dinner last night. Nothing fancy, just some wood and shelf brackets. But they look so awesome and will be so useful. It just tickles me.

I have had so much going on lately It's hard to remember it all so I know what to write about. but right now I want to talk "BIFFY". Yes, porta-potty. We have been using a small chemical toilet here in the cabin. But it needs emptying every few days. A pain in the... Well you get the drift, after all we are talking about a certain portion of your anatomy here. We finally bit the bullet and called a porta-potty place. I was worried that they would be balky about bringing one out because we don't have a physical address, but she didn't blink! We're all set up and for a measily $75.00 a month we'll be living in style with our own blue out house. We'll keep the small toilet in here in the house for those night time or snowed in emergency needs, but this will make a complete difference to not have to run somewhere to dump poor John. (Yes, we named our little potty here John, it's after my ex-brother-in-law, who is a real stinker to be polite about it.) Whats even funnier, is that while I was ordering our shiney, new, blue Biffy, I was talking with the wonderful lady that took our order, and she told me about a pretty place not too far from us where there is some AWESOME fishing, and photography ops. We chatted for about 10 minutes about this after I ordered the potty. Hubby was just looking at me as I went on and on and on with this conversation. She's going to find out exactly how to get to this camping place from her hubby then let me know in the next day or two so we can go down and get some pics.

Mistress Treehaven AKA Social Butterfly extraordinare!

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