Thursday, January 1, 2009

Hello 2009

The first day of the new year has dawned grey and raining. lol. It's almost like we were back in Eugene it's so grey outside my bedroom window. Glancing out the kitchen window doesn't change the scene much.. Especially considering they are only about 11 feet apart. hehe. I sit here awake, because at 6:30 this morning my body said it was time to get up. That's what time I usually get awake and doing "something" in the day. however, I had went to bed at 1am-ish, so I am still pretty rummy and tired. Getting to old for this party all night thing!

Having moved to the wilderness where our local civilization is about 4 miles away and that consists of about 5 businesses and a post office you would think that there wouldn't be much night life. But wow... Does it get a little wild or what?

Some of the local people own a local bar, local as in here in town. They threw a hoot-n-nanny (bigger than a shindig smaller than a feista) last night that was pretty nice. For the total sum of $27.00 we got a great meal, 4.5 beer for the hubby and bottomless pepsi for me. I even got a great handmade mardi-gra mask from one of the people we met last night.

We arrived about 7pm, and commenced with the eating and the looking for people. There were only about 4 or 5 other people there and we were teasing the hosts about where everyone was. She said to wait, that more were coming. And boy was she right. I lost count at about 25 or so, not counting kiddos. Yes, it was a family affair. We had kids as young as 1 and 1/2 running around.

There was no games, but plenty of good food, appetizers included popcorn, chips, salsa, BBQ sausage, turkey wraps with lettuce and cream cheese and whatever you wanted to order from the menu (but you had to pay for what you ordered off the menu). Drinks, hey, we were at a BAR for crying out loud. No hard liquer, but all the beer in about 40 different varieties that you could want. And lots of good people who were more than willing to chat you up.

Met a couple who live locally and who sell their lettuce at the local farmers market, and who are going to help open a store here locally, (I let them know I am willing to work!) and someone who knows someone who raises mules. There were so many people there I didn't meet everyone, but a good time was had by all.

The best part was that there were no arguements, no fights, and when we left to come home, I didn't have to dodge a torrent of drunken fools. Of course I did have to wait for the incredibly large amount of traffic as I pulled out of the parking lot to come home (one car on the road, going the opposite direction) but that's just normal right? I mean, there's always a lot of traffic on New Year's Night. Did I mention it was one car?

I have to say I have some pretty contented and happy New Years celebrations over the years. Most of these have been spent at home, happily surrounded by only my hubby and my dogs. Quietly celebrating the "out with the old, in with the new". But, never have I had a more enjoyable New Years outing.

Dinner last night was a mushroom/swiss burger with fries for me, and a handmade pizza bread for hubby. Dinner tonight will be meatloaf and veggies. Maybe. If I can stir that much energy. lol. If not then it'll be soup. But I do have a bunch of fresh hamburger to use so it won't go bad. And some sausage too.

And yes... Today will definitely be a lazy, nap kind of day.

Tired but happy Mistress of Treehaven.

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