Monday, January 5, 2009

Palsied Poodles, Shooting and my aching back

Yesterday didn't go as I planned at all! Sometime in the night I rolled over (I had woke up just enough to do it) and as I rolled, my shoulders rolled, and my hips didn't and I had a click and a crunching sound in my back. Ugh, so I woke up to a tight back that was sore. It was sore for most of the day so I spent it sitting. I don't mind a lazy day, but enforced lazy days I hate.

By last night it was doing better, but even today I am having twinges and some stiffness. I am hoping that the stiffness is gone by the time I get out doing stuff. I want to run into the nearest little town and fill up one of the 5 gallon gas cans and put $20.00 in the propane tank. That will be all the cash we have until our next check comes in. oh well, that's how the cookie crumbles so they say.

For our lazy day yesterday I played around on the computer, messed with some pictures, and prepped some stuff to send to my email list always_ready on yahoo groups and then cleaned our weapons. It's something you can do sitting at least. lol. hubby took the shot gun out after it was clean and put a few rounds through it, then I swabbed her down again.

I mention this only because I wanted to let you in on more about Pan, our palsied poodle in a Lab mix body. The first shot went off and you would have thought it hit him. He jumped up from where he was laying next to me and tried to crawl under me, the entire time shaking like a leaf in a snow storm. By the time his daddy had 9 or 10 rounds through, he was under a blanket, glued to me like epoxy and shaking like mad. I don't know how we will desensitize him. I thought if maybe I covered him with his blanket, a stadium sized fleece one, and just sat there with him it would help, but it really didn't. Unlike popular belief, you don't want to do the "poor baby" thing and pet them and love on them when they are like this. To a dog all this does is tell them that what they are doing is right, and I really don't want to reinforce his problems. Although, at 11 and 1/2 years old, I don't know if I will ever be able to desensitize him.

Freya jumped up from the floor onto the bed then put her head down and laid there. Thor just kind of cocked an ear and went back to sleep. Whoot! one out of three who does nothing when a gun goes off is a good thing!

If everything goes as planned, we'll be going to town as I mentioned earlier, stopping at a friends house to help them with their computer, then to the library to load pictures and the blogs (whoot!) and then back here to home, where I'll work on getting some english muffins going. I really want to give it a whirl and see if I can do it. Bread that doesn't have to be baked is a huge nicety right now. I know there are others, such as bannock, but I don't have the familiarity with them as I do others. Feel free to send me any stove top bread recipes, and I'll give them all a go and see if I can make them all work. Keep in mind here I am limited. lol. I have a coleman cookstove to cook on, and no dutch oven or frypan with a lid. That will be remedied soon, gotta have a frypan with a lid to fry chicken in. yummmm.

We are still continuing our quest for another furry companion as well. One more, no more than two more right now. We don't have room for the 20 or so I would LOVE to have, but you just can't fit that many dogs in a 200 SF cabin. lol.

More snow fell last night, only about an inch, but some. From the sounds of it my sister is getting hammered more with snow than we are, which is highly unusual. But I'm not complaining. She lives 5 minutes from town, we live just over an hour... She has electricity and we don't also, so this means that she can still stay warm no matter what, if we run out of propane right now we have no heat. And that depends on us being able to get to town to refill our tanks. I can't wait until we get our wood stove in, it'll be really nice to be able to not to have to run to town to get the propane filled or freeze. :D That's a choice I don't want to have to make.

ok, gotta brush my hair out and get ready to go soon. May your day be filled with wonder and glory!

Mistress Treehaven

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