Monday, January 5, 2009

This home protected by Mossberg

Sunday was not a complete down day, but not a lot got done. The wife's back was bothering her so most of what we wanted to get done was put off.

Instead we spent some quantity time shooting and cleaning our neglected firearms. That is to say, I did some shooting, and we both did some cleaning. Mrs. Treehaven didn't feel up to handling her baby, the Mossberg, but she is vary capable of using it should she need to.

I support the 2nd amendment fully. Our founding father's had just won a war using mostly farmers and merchants against a tyrant's professional soldiers. Thay knew the value of individuals with firearms and insured future generations would have access to firearms should the need ever arise again.

The rest of the day was down time. We had a short visit from our friend the trader, I spent some time doing some geek stuff and playing a computer game.

I charged up Tim (our battery) using the 50 amp setting last night. I got it up to 13.2 volts, still not the 14 volts I was hoping for. After running the sleep apnea machine all night and our light for an hour or so, Tim showed a remaining charge of 11.8 volts. Tonight I will repeat the process and see how things go.

I'm staring a spread sheet today to track our costs for power and heat. I will also track charge time, volts, and some other data that I will share once I have enough information to form solid conclusions from.

Today it's into town for a bit. We will be spending the last of our cash on some gasoline and propane. I hope we will have enough to last until next Monday.

I'm also going to drop off a laptop for our trader friend. I'm introducing him to the world of podcasts.

Well, time to face the day.

The unfocused Geek of Treehaven

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