Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Running like a beheaded chicken!

Sometimes you have a favor performed for you, and that person fades away and you aren't able to return the favor that was done. Other times, you get a chance to redo the favor.

We were able to return a favor yesterday. Our trader friend had done a great and wonderful favor for us a while back. And yesterday he needed one returned, so we were able to return it by driving him into the close large town to look for a new vehicle. his had died and he needed a chance to go in and look for a new one. It was a great day of fun where we went in and looked around at several vehicles and hoped to find him a new one, but no dice. Hopefully he'll get one soon. His ability to trade and work rests solely on his ability to have a vehicle.

We followed up his vehicle shopping (and hubby's in town therapy appointment) by going out to a wonderful buffet lunch. It celebrated Mr. Trader's birthday as well as was a good meal after a day of tiring driving.

today is Wednesday, and we are go to go a shindig and meet new people, so that is about all we have scheduled for the day. Will drive down and get the mail, then come back here for a bit before we pick up Mr. Trader and his wife, and then we'll all carpool to the shindig, don't know how late that will take us. Exciting life eh?

Mrs. Treehaven, running late and behind on her blog postings!

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