Monday, January 19, 2009


Today is my Dad's BIRTHDAY! Happy Birthday Dad! I called, but didn't get an answer, perhaps you and mom were out

celebrating. If so, yay! If not, sorry.

Daughter is off her grounding, and seems to be holding closer to home. She has taken to ignoring dad at times,

but they are going to have to work it out. She still listens to me, so I am happy with that.. I giggle at him a

lot of what they go through with each other. He is still learning to speak "dog".

Last night about 9pm, there were two shots that came from South West of the cabin. Not that far away, but far

enough I didn't worry about them hitting us. I wonder if it was someone shooting deer? No one lives down there

that would be shooting coyotes at that time of night. Usually when it's someone shooting coyotes it's more down

where the cattle and sheep are than up here. There isn't any livestock close enough for the coyotes to be a

menace within the 2 - 3 miles of the cabin. I just hope that if it was someone poaching deer that they took the

deer to EAT it. I don't have a problem with someone taking a deer any time of year so long as it's for NEED and

not WANT. And so long as they don't waste it. honor the animal that died for you.

Because of hearing the shots, the dogs all stayed inside for the rest of the night. Not that Thor and Pan wanted

out then, but Freya was nosey enough she wanted to go see what was going on. hubby and I of course were smarter

than that. He made them stay in while he went to see what he could see. Of course he saw nothing. so all was

well and the next day we let the dogs out.

Other than that it's a quiet day, as hubby is now coming down with the crud. Ugh. Great. Oh well, maybe this

will be the only crud we have this season. lol. wishful thinking probably, but who knows right?

ok, going to jog, have some stuff to finish up.

Lackidaizical Lady of Treehaven

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