Saturday, January 17, 2009

Daughters' Grounded Saturday

SATURDAY! It's a great day for most people, as it signals the first day of the weekend. Most people would be out shopping, or doing house chores that they aren't able to do during the week.. Us? We're sitting here with colds. Blech. Creeping crud of any kind is a horrible thing to have to put up with. It's even worse when it's your own creeping crud.

Daughter spent all day yesterday GROUNDED! She was so miffed, I'm surprised she didn't piddle on dad's pillow. She went outside on the leash, then was transferred to a tie outside for when she wanted out. Then on a leash and back inside. It was choresome for dad, but she had to put up with it. She'll get the clue she has to stay close if we have to keep her tied to a tree or on a leash forever!

We are going to run to town today, need to do some laundry and pick up some stuff, so I am not going to write much right now... I'll hit you up with more stuff later.

stuffy mom of three

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