Thursday, January 15, 2009

New Friends

We had a full day yesterday, we drove down and got the mail, then did a few things here around the cabin. Not much of anything, except wash my hair and take a bath.

Then we made the mistake of letting Freya out. Teenagers! I swear, if she wasn't already Spayed I'd have her on birth control as much as she likes to run around. She was GONE. And no matter how much we called she was a no show. We were supposed to pick up Mr. Trader and his wife at 2:30... Needless to say we didn't.

I jump in the truck and head down the road... I would stop and turn off the engine and call every so often.. Wait to see if she showed, then start up and go on again. Hubby stayed at the cabin calling her and to see if she came back while I was gone. She did. She finally came back here to the cabin, leaving me with doggies in traps or dead dancing in my head until I came back here to find her here with dad (I had the phone with me, and even if I didn't he couldn't have called me since we have one phone!)... By this time it was 3pm, which was the time we were to be at our shindig.

Called Mr. Trader, who it turns out had some people who had dropped by, and let him know we were running late. then we got out to pick them up around 3:30 and on to the shindig at 4pm. Only an hour late. And when we explained about the daughter being truant, they all laughed and said they had been there.. Seems everyone in this area are dog owners! Whew.

Had a lovely night meeting some new, interesting friends. One of the families we met grow 90% + of their own food. And what they don't grow they purchase from neighbors and friends so it's all organic and they know what goes into it. We had a great night on the study of Genesis, and some language studies one of these fine people were working on and it lent a whole diffrent slant on the creation story. The fine lady of the house we were at had made a GREAT stew for us for dinner. Potatoes, broccoli, parsley, basil, tomatoes, onion, celery, sheep, and who knows what else. It was FANTASTIC. She said that the sheep was either Jacob's or Navaho Churro, she wasn't sure which, and that it takes a certain breed of sheep to produce good flavor. Reminds me, I gotta find out where she got it so I can get us some. She had canned it and it was very, very good. If she hadn't told me it was sheep, I wouldn't have known it, no gamey flavor, and very tender.

Then we went and dropped off Mr. trader and his wife, and came on home. It was a long day, but well worth it. Will have to get together with these friends again. I have a lot of questions regarding the Bible that haven't gotten a satisfactory answer for over the years, who knows, maybe this gentleman will have an answer for me that will settle my spirit.

Mother Treehaven, with a grounded teenage daughter...

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