Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Breakdown of Society

I thought I would take a few minutes to write about the breakdown of our society. Maybe it's something everyone already knows, but no one seems to be doing Diddly Squat about.

There are people every day that are getting their electricity turned off here in the U.S. Why? Because they have to make the choice between FOOD for them and their children, or paying the electric bill... Which would you choose? Then, because it's winter here, they have to find ways to heat their house. Frequently this means UNSAFE ways. Such as running a generator in the basement or using the oven with it open to heat their house. I read a story on CNN yesterday that stated that deaths from carbon monoxide poisonings are expected to be WAY up this year because of the record # of people who have had their electricity cut off.

Let me back up a little. When human beings first started walking this planet. Way back when either Adam and Eve were created or when we evolved into standing beings depending on your personal beliefs... We didn't have electricity. I mean, electricity didn't evolve alongside us, nor does the Bible say "on the eighth day God created electrical current". BUT, as time went on and finally electricity was created, we adapted to where most of the human race MUST have electricity to survive. Either they aren't fit to think of life without it, or we have lost the skills to help us to live without it. Even I, living out here in the wild wilderness, must have an electrical current to run my sleep apnea machine and this laptop.

So here you have a bunch of people, living in these sprawling metropolis' who have had that electrical magic stilled to their dwellings and they don't know how to cope. Or they cope in the best way they know how. I think it's a bit of selective murder by the CEO's of these electric companies to cut off power to anyone during winter. Elder folks, people with children, people with medical needs.. It doesn't matter to them. If you can't pay them the moola, then you are shut off. The one thought of the high poobah's of these companies is.. "We'll shed a false tear when we find out you are dead from hypothermia or carbon monoxide poisoning so the press doesn't give us TOO bad of a name, and go looking through our books for the next poor sap we can shut off to keep the reaper going. After all, what were you to us? you didn't pay your bill so obviously the planet is better off without you."

Ok, here is what I think. I do not think that society as a whole should have to pay for certain things out of their hard earned cash. "GASP!" I think that electricity to homes, water to homes, sewage from homes should all be FREE to the public. What in hades do we pay taxes for anyway? For some sanctamonious b****rd in govenment to get a $300,000.00 yearly salary? Minimum!?!? Most make way more than that just to sit in a senate seat or what have you. What makes them more important than your local police officer or fireman or school teacher? You better beleive that Barrack Obama never got his power turned off, and you can also bet that he probably has had some late bills even after coming to the Senate. And I BET that you and me and one or two of your neighbors are who PAID Mr. Obamas power bills. I am picking on Mr. Obama only because he is a name I know everyone who reads this blog would know. If I decided to pick on Mr. Merkley then I am not sure someone on the East coast of the U.S. would know who I was talking about.

and BREATHE!... I know I should just let it go, because there is nothing I can do to change it, but I just have to get it off my chest. lol.

Food is another thing that miffs me off. Why in the world is food so expensive for the average or below average American to have to buy? There is no reason for any of this to cost so much. I know, I know... Fuel to ship it and people's paychecks to do the hauling, packing, shipping and importing and blah, blah, blah.

Why does Oregon ship Strawberries to California to sell then we ship California strawberries to Oregon to sell? You KNOW food would be cheaper if we kept it more local. Ship Eugene, Oregon Strawberries to Portland, Oregon to sell and I bet it would be a lot cheaper and the fruit would arrive in better condition. Because it didn't have to ship so far it could stay on the vine longer thus TASTING better when it arrived too.

you know why all this happens? Because we let it. And, hehe, this is where I tick a lot of people off I am sure, because Americans on the whole are a bunch of lazy lizards who don't want to bake their own bread, get off their butts and grow their own greenbeans, or learn a little chemistry and make their own ginger ale. That's right! LAZY! You can grow food, even if you live in an apartment you can grow food. It's not hard. So you only can grow tomatoes? So what?!? Maybe your neighbor can only get peas to grow, TRADE some of your tomatoes for it. Everyone grow their own thing in your neighborhood then you can get together once a week and trade with each other and tada! You have an entire selection to hand.

ok... I'm off of my soap box now... By the way... THANKS MOM IN LAW FOR THE GREAT BOOTS! They are very warm.

Mistress Treehaven, voice of the poor

Stay tuned for the next blog where I discuss the idea of "locovore".

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