Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Information Expectations

Yesterday we made a trip into town. The goal was to spend the last of our cash on propane and gas, and grab some internet time at the library.

Overall I have been impressed by the library system in klamath county but yesterday's trip to the library was disappointing.

This branch has no wireless internet access. Every other branch we have used provided wireless access, but not this one. I asked the librarian why thay didn't offer wireless and was told that at one time thay did have wireless, but it caused some kind of problem with the DSL connection so thay stopped offering it.


keep in mind that I'm a computer geek by trade. I have been working with computers of one kind or another for 25 years. There is no reason a wireless access point should cause any problems with a DSL connection. I don't think the librarian was lying to me, but someone is lying to someone.

The library has 3 computers hard wired to the DSL line. Two PC's with Windows, and one Mac system. When we got there one of the PC systems was in use and the other had no network connection. I think it has a bad connector on the network cable but thay have the OS locked down so tight I would have had to hack in just to work on it. I figured hacking the system was a bad idea so I just left it be. Looks like it will just have to wait for the paid county library geek to fix it, someday. We can hope.

With my options for internet access down to the Mac system I opened up Safari and tried to go to one of my podcast sites. Note I said "tried". Instead of my expected web site I get a notice that my requested web site is "'not on the approved web site list".


A library should NOT filter internet access. A library is a center of information. No individual or group should determine what information someone can have access to.

I can already hear the shouts of "but we must protect the children". No, protecting the child is the job of the parent(s) not of the library. If you must allow someone else to "protect" your children then at least provide some kind of adult override so only the children are being "protected".

Beware the person who would deny you access to information, for in their heart they secretly believer themselves to be your master.

The Slightly Enraged Geek of Treehaven

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