Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Plans and Foods

Yesterday we went to town, and I have to apologize as I didn't get any new blogs uploaded, we have been distracted lately and I really just forgot!

Anyway, as far as trips to town go, it was pretty untensioning (is that a word!?!). We had a full on plan as to where we were going, and in what order, and exactly how long and how much to spend at each. Whew. We now have enough supplies at the cabin (with the exception of water, and gas) that we don't HAVE to leave for 2 weeks! Today's plan is to go to the near small town and get water and gas enough to last us at least that long too. Ugh. Then we'll be broke again. lol. While we're in that little place they have a library, so we'll probably stop there... :) then I'll upload the blogs! Whoot!

I haven't attempted the mayo thing again yet. I am going to though, and see what I can get, I certainly don't want to let it beat me. With suggestions from many I was able to make the rice a success, and have made it several times in the last few weeks. so I am sure I can make the mayo a success out here in the outback of the wilds. I even made fried rice the other night and hubby ate 2 HUGE helpings. lol. I was pretty satisfied with that. It had been a while since he ate that big of helpings. :D By the way, when I make my rice I use BROTH instead of water, this gives it more flavor and a little healthier. When I made the fried rice I used beef broth in the rice. When I serve it under chicken based soups then I make it with chicken broth... you get the idea. I used to have some veggie boullion cubes, and would love to find them and use them to make rice, just as a different flavor and different set of ingredients. But I think they are packed out in the garage still with the rest of the dried stuff. hehe. We have 3 more shelves to put up and when we do then we'll bring in some of the dried stuff from the garage that I think we can use and maybe I'll find them then.

Tonight I think we may do some goulash. Macaroni noodles, with spaghetti sauce (doctored of course! I never leave it exactly as it comes out of the can or bottle! I like to add all kinds of stuff, garlic, onion, parsley, marjoram, and even cinnamon, which is very good in spagetti sauce and good for your heart. I think I may try chocolate in it soon as it's recommended for in chili and gives a nice smooth flavor), and some meat in it, served with some cheese and texas toast. The meat I use will be some hickory smoked sausage that I'll chop up. I think I'll put some corn and maybe some peas in it too so we get some veggies. It's very important to get meals out here with everything in them as much as possible. Especially with having no refrigeration, it's very easy to start missing out on this or that. Whenever we go into town and eat Hubby is sure to get milk so he doesn't miss out on all the good stuff there. I just wish more resteraunts served WHOLE milk and not this 2% garbage. Fat aside, whole milk is so much more healthy for you. This skim and 2% stuff doesn't give you all the vitamins and minerals you need. You may as well be drinking water.

Sometime in the next few days we are also going to be finishing up the walls for the insulation, woot! We have been putting it up because the only places we have to go still have tables and stuff in front of them. But now we have a stove/oven combo that I want to set up and use so I can bake and all that. And why go through setting it up without finishing off the walls? We would just have to drag it all out again when we did the insulation. So we are going to do it all at once. Ugh, it's a big job, but we have to do it. Even though it means we will both be stiff and sore afterwards.

ok, off to find something to get into. :D It's the start of a brand new day and we are supposed to get some rain tonight and tomorrow. Maybe it'll melt the last of the ice off the driveway, and some more of the snow. If it does then we'll be going for a nice walk about tomorrow or the next day. :D

Later Gaters!

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