Saturday, January 10, 2009

Day by Day

Yesterday was a very productive day. Got dishes done, cleaned out the turkey fryer we have been using as a hot water heater, and refilled it, made dinner, made breakfast, and who knows what else that I can't remember at this very moment. lol.

Two days ago I was driving back from the post office and the sound the truck makes changed. I thought I had put a rock through my muffler as our road has some fairly large stones on it. Especially on one expanse. So I drove to the post office day before yesterday and made sure that it wasn't something going wrong with the truck itself. It wasn't. So when I got home I mentioned it to the hubby, and he climbed under the truck and took a look before we left for the post office that morning. lo and behold it isn't a hole in my muffler. What happened is that the muffler came off of the tail pipe. So we drove down to the post office and back and when we got home hubby put the truck up on jacks so he could look and see what he needed to do to fix it. Keep in mind, hubby knows very little to nothing about car repair. But, once he got under there it turns out that he didn't need to know what anything at all about car repair. There is no screws to put the muffler back on. Apparently what has come loose is the muffler was WELDED on to the tail pipe and the weld broke. So now we have to find someone with welding equipment that can fix it for us.

Luckily we have a neighbor who knows about welding and has the equipment, so hubby is going to go ask him about getting help. Don't know what he will ask for payment or if he will even ASK for payment, but we'll have to make it right of course. The last thing we want is our neighbors thinking we are here just to ask them for favors and never give in return.

Dinner last night was rice made with beef broth, with sirloin soup over it from Campbells. Simple, fast, and very good and very filling. hubby had 2 plates full! I was very tickled about that. Him eating is always a good thing.

Today breakfast was scrambled eggs with a can of drained mushrooms, a can of drained sliced olives, and a can of treet chopped up in it. All fried up and made good. Served with BBQ sauce over it.

I really didn't sleep well last night, but then neither did Hubby, we don't know why. HE would get hot then cold, which in turn meant that he was turning the fire up and down. Which would make me hot and cold. And I was very restless, which meant that I kept knocking my sleep apnea mask askew, which made me have apnea episodes, which led to vivid dreams and a horrible sleep because I was stoppig breathing off and on all night. Ugh. It sucked.

tonight better be a much better night or perhaps tomorrow people may be wishing they never knew me. lol. On the up note, it looks like hubby was able to fix the lamp so it's no longer pulling over 100 watts for a 23 watt lamp. lol. It's now pulling about 20 watts which is MUCH better on our inverter and our battery. Every watt counts around here with a generator and a battery only and no city power. strange what you start paying attention to out here in the wilderness of the Pacific Northwest.

Last night was SO BRIGHT outside. The moon is almost full, and there is still snow on the ground so it had some really great reflector to bounce off of. you could almost read it was so bright. I can't wait to see what it's like tonight.

Ok, I am going to attempt to get some other stuff done, but no promises. lol.

Mrs. Treehaven...

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